01: Jagdamba Cement
Jagdamba cement is the best cement in Nepal. This is a leading brand in the Nepalese market. This firm was established in 2001. Since its establishment year, Jagdamba cement has remained the market leader in the cement manufacturing business in Nepal.
02: Udaypur Cement
Udaypur Cement is the largest cement factory in Nepal. The plant is located in Jaljale, Udaypur district, province No 1, eastern Nepal. They use the modern plant cement production in Nepal. It produce high quality cement in Nepal. It is very difficult to find Udaypur Cement in market because of its irregular operation. It is government cement factory in Nepal.

03: Hetauda Cement
This Company is located in Hetauda, Nepal established in BS 2033. Hetauda Cement is one of the best-selling cement brands in Nepal.
04: Arghakhachi Cement
Arghakhachi Cement is one of the foremost cement manufacturers in Nepal. They are producing high quality OPC cement in Nepal.

05: Shivam Cement
Shivam Cement is one of the top cement companies in Nepal. They sell the finest quality of cement to their customers. They are selling OPC cement of grade 43 and 53.
06: Sona Cement
Sonapur Minerals & Oil Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading cement companies in Nepal.This is the largest cement company in the Western Nepal. They produce both PPC and OPC cement in Nepal.

07: CG Cement
CG Cement is one of the leading & best-selling cement companies in Nepal. Its fully compact cement factory situated at Dumkibas, Nawalparasi. It uses the modern technology to control the process and becomes best cement manufacturing industries in Nepal.
08: Bishal Cement
This company Established in 2010 to make Nepal independent in cement production. Bishal Cement is a top cement company in Nepal and one of the leading manufacturers of cement in Nepal.

09: Agni Cement
Agni Cement is a reputed cement manufacturer in Nepal. It produce Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Pozzolana Cement in Nepal.
10: Unitech Cement
Unitech Cement is a product of Reliance group of Industries. This is one of the popular cement products in Nepal.
Given list of cement manufacturing companies in Nepal produce best quality cement in Nepal. consult nearest dealer to get the Price of OPC and PPC cement in Nepal.

What is the best quality cement in Nepal difference of OPC & PPC Cement

Portland Pozzolana cement (PPC) is a types of Ordinary Portland Cement. When fly ash, volcanic ash, Calcined clay, Lica fumes added on OPC then it becomes PPC. Pozzolana strength available in 33 grade OPC only. It is best for project like dam, building, foundations to make highly strength construction. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the widely used cement in general construction all around the world.
Difference between OPC and CPC is in their composition, its strength and use. Now you can select best opc cement in Nepal or PPC Cement in Nepal by purpose. Kathmandu is the main city to use the cement in all Nepal.

What is the difference between 43 grade and 53 grade cement?

OPC is available in grade 33, grade 43, grade 53 and PPC a available 33 grade only. Fast setting is the main feature of 53 grade cement, in this way it is use in fast paced projects to make construction strength rapidly. For other 33, 43 Grade cement are quite slow takes few days to set properly. I think this article helps you to know about Top 10 cement companies in Nepal that produce best cement in Nepal. Including difference of OPC & PPC Cement and ideas to select the best quality cement in Nepal to use.