1. Alchemy Pizzeria

Speculative chemistry Pizzeria is Italian and combination eatery which is situated in Thamel, Kathmandu. You can arrange numerous assortments of pizza with various style and garnishes which are great and clean. Pizza and Pasta of various assortments are the primary attractions of this place. Pizza capriccioso, Calzone, Green Margherita Pizza is the unique dishes of this bistro. On the off chance that you need to attempt a genuine Italian pizza or pasta then this is the place for you.

2. Kathmandu Funky Buddha Restaurant & Bar

Situated in Thamel, Kathmandu Funky Buddha Restaurant and Bar is extraordinary compared to other spots to eat and appreciate. This place offers different dishes and furthermore the melodic condition around evening time. Generally, numerous nonnatives visit this place with the tremendous measure of Nepali individuals additionally make the most of their chance at Funky Buddha. It’s the Continental cooking eatery. Involtinis of chicken or Beef, Panna Cotta, Fusilli are the well-known dishes in the eatery. Visit the Funky Buddha and appreciate the nourishment and music with your companions at the core of Kathmandu with exceptionally sensible cost.

3. Dharahara momos

In case you require a delightful and choice momo in rapid time, by then Dharahara Momo is exceptional among different spots you should go. Close Dharahara, the shop is serving regular momos with incredible cleanliness. You need to pay and after that, you’ll get the coupon of the predefined momo and a short time later exhibits the coupon in the kitchen, by then welcome the most delightful momos. They serve momos in Tapari with pickle and toothpick. Veggie sweetheart, buff, and chicken momos are the menus of the restaurant. In case you are a momo sweetheart then this place is the one you shouldn’t leave behind an extraordinary open door.

4. Bajeko sekuwa

This is phenomenal contrasted with other Nepali Food stamp around the country with different 10 branches. Plainly you would have conjectured the distinguishing strength of these spots. Delectable sekuwa are the essential distinguishing strength of this place. You can get Sekuwa all around the country yet these are the extraordinary among other sekuwa you’ll have. Sukedhara, Lazmpat, Anamnagar, Battisputali, Gairidhara, Sorhakhutte, Satdobato and Sinamangal are the branches of Bajeko Sekuwa around the Vally anyway they furthermore have their branches in Pokhara and Bharatpur. Jhol momo, various combinations of sekuwa, fokso cook, choila are the standard dishes of this restaurant.

5. Bota Simply Momo

Bota Simply Momo is a unique place for the momo darling which is well known for its assortments of momo formulas. Sadheko momo is one of the most loved dishes at Bota. The name itself clarifies the principle dishes you can get in the eatery. Exceptionally you can get Newari and Nepali sustenances at Bota. Momo, Bara, Choila, noodles, burger and boiled rice, Stick sustenances are a few nourishments to eat at Bota Simply momo. It is situated at Kumaripati and as of late it has begun its branch at Kalmal Pokhari, Kathmandu.

6. Baan Thai

Baan Thai is one the most seasoned Thai eatery around the local area, which is situated at Durbar Marga, Kathmandu. Baan Thai offers you with the genuine certifiable Thai cooking styles. The eatery is best for the individual meeting and festivities. As the name, Baan Thai offers you diverse assortments of Thai sustenance, particularly Seafood. So on the off chance that you need to attempt outstanding amongst other fish around the local area Baan Thai is the old and best place for you.

7. Le Trio

Le Trio is one of the best resultants in town which provide good hygienic food located in Jhamsikhel, Pulchwok. Le Trio is famous for its Jhol Momo Cha. Le Trio Momo Cha is freshly cooked only on demand. This is multi cuisine restaurant which has nice indoor seating place. Recently Kaagmandu Magazine ranked Le Trio in top 10 places for the best momo in Kathmandu. Other attraction at the restaurant is Crispy Potatoes, Buffalo Wings, and delicious desserts. If you are momo lover and want to taste extra recipes at the same time then Le Trio is the one for you.

8. Samaya Baji

It’s to a greater degree a like the Italian pizza yet in the Newari way. Chatamari made with the rice flour with different fixings secured by egg makes it more delightful. Samay Baji serves different Chatamari which are rich in taste and flavor. Baras is made with the nearby lentil which is absorbed overnight the water and afterward crashes into fine glue. Including the essential flavors, the glue is browned in griddle (tawa) in a round like a shape. Fundamentally it is little level hot cake which is light and squishy.

Samaya Baji offers Egg Bara, Chicken Keema Bara, Buff Keema Bara, and so forth. It is one of the vital things in the Newari culture where it is served on each puja, events, and festivities. You can discover comparable in the Korean culture and road showcase too where they serve you with the lentil flapjack precisely like bara with sauce however here you get it with masu ko jhol (meat soup) and less sleek as well. Bara is like which the main distinction is who is sautéed though baara is southern style and has an opening in the middle.

Sukuti is made by dried meat which is marinated with crisp, ginger and different flavors making it hot and delightful. Sukuti serves an ideal fixing for the beverages and additionally, you can view it as a side or pickle while having supper. We can likewise crush lemon on top for the tart taste; it expands the flavor as well as cuts the hotness of the nippy on the off chance that you can’t manage it.It can be devoured straightforwardly or charbroiled and spiced as a starter or nibble. Additional flavoring like tomatoes, onions, and garlic to make it more heavenly. Samay Baji serves Sukuti as a canapé which is spiciest and tangiest.

Not just these, they serve Kachila, Dyakula, Momo’s, Khaski ko Fokso, Thalthale and so on. Samay Baji Restaurant is an ideal place to slacken up and have a neighborhood taste of Newari sustenance. With the heavenly and sterile nourishment, enthusiastic gourmet expert, present day setting, inviting accommodation Samaya Baji is serving amazingly.

We should state Samaya Baji-must attempt put by all the Newari sustenance sweethearts. Presently you don’t have to travel route yearn for the quintessence of Samay Baji, arrange by means of Foodmandu and get your sustenance conveyed comfortable entryways.

9. Tipsy Beans

Arranged at Naxal, Kathmandu, Tipsy Beans is uncommon contrasted with different places in Kathmandu to have incredible sustenance with the charming condition. You can have the best things from the restaurant with the agreeable condition inside Tipsy Beans. The prestigious dishes of Tipsy Beans are Pork Ribs, Fried Rice, Chicken Satay, Chicken momo and fundamentally more. Various collections of hot Choila are furthermore you can endeavor at Tipsy Beans.

10. The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box is situated at Kupondole, Lalitpur where you can discover Chicago Style sustenances without venturing to every part of the United States. It has a little comfortable eating space and an open kitchen close to the seats. This makes you feel that it’s essentially centered around giving extraordinary nourishment with no sort of diversions. On the off chance that you are an immense burger, sandwich or wiener fan, at that point The Lunch Box is the place you ought not to miss in the event that you are close Kathmandu.

The eatery gives several assortments of burger, frank, and numerous more things. You can arrange as your decision or as per your appetite that is there are enormous assortments of size in their burgers and wieners. Other prevalent dishes at the eatery are blended broiled rice with various choices of veggies, extreme Chicago bacon burger. Most likely the best American style fast food you’ll get the chance to eat around the local area.