10. Prechya Bajracharya

Prechya Bajracharya a.k.a. “Pari” is a Nepali Youtuber. She posts lifestyle vlogs and makeup videos on her channel. She became popular as she was one of the contestants of Raw Barz.

9. Sajin Maharjan

Sajin Maharjan is an Entertainer. He does cover videos in his Channel. He recently came into Vlogging. He has about 5 vlogs till now.

 8. Krisha Bajracharya

Krisha Bajracharya is the CEO of MN ENTERTAINMENT and owner of DURBAR Lounge. She shows the lifestyle of an independent Nepali girl.

7. Lhakyila

Lhakyila does skits and random vlogs. She became popular through Instagram and then joined Youtube.

6. ChetanVlogs NepalTheJoy

Chetan is a Vlogger, Guitarist,Musician and  music arranger at Orange Studio. He has worked with lots Nepali as well as foreign musicians.

5. SMZ

Sushan Maharjan is a motovlogger/vlogger from Nepal. He has a unique way of calling his Subscribers as Boros and Boronis.

4. Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya is one of the best Youtubers of Nepal. His Timelapses, Drones shots and way of talking to people makes him stand out from other vloggers.

3. Girish Khatiwada

Girish Khatiwada a.k.a. Gorkhali G is a Rapper and a Lifestyle Vlogger. His presentation skills and energy is next level.

2. ThatDudeVlogs

Dhiraj Magar is a vlogger who reacts on k-pop videos. He has recently acted in the movie “Intu Mintu London ma” with Samragyee RL Shah.

1. James Shrestha

James Shrestha makes vlogs, comedy, sketches, pranks, reactions and games. He is one of the fastest growing Youtubers in Nepal. Before becoming an Youtuber, he was a music artist/ a singer.