Born in Lamjung, Education and property tycoon Shesh Ghale is the president of NRNA (Non- Resident Nepali Association). In addition to that, he is a business entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is also the third richest man of Nepal but he currently resides in Melbourne city of Australia.


A long dedication, education, opportunities, mutual help, organized skill and better understanding of the market or consumer lead a person to the success. A successful personality can be the inspiration to the society. Among few successful Nepalese persons, Shesh Ghale is a very notable name.

After three consecutive listing on BRW Australia’s Richest List, these names have been a Hot Cake in Nepalese Diaspora. In terms of occupation, he prefers to be called a “Businessman” who simply wants to achieve his ambitions and goals like everybody else. Furthermore, he is a married person whose wife named is Jamuna Gurung. He and his wife have been together for almost 35 years.

His strength is being straightforward and weakness are trusting people easily. He was ranked the 99th richest person in Australia in the 2015 BRW Rich 200. He is the third richest man in Nepal.

Net Worth

It is estimated that MIT CEO Shesh Ghale and his wife Jamuna Gurung have a combined net worth 647 million dollar.


Ghale graduated in Master of Civil Engineering from Kharkov Automobile and Highway Institute of Kharkiv, Ukraine from 1979 to 1986 which was the scholarship program of the government of Nepal.

He then returned and worked for Department of Transport Management as an engineer in a highway development project.

In 1990, he moved to Melbourne, Australia to do further studies where he completed Master of Business Administration from Victoria University, Australia in 1994.


Shesh Ghale is CEO and founder of Melbourne Institute of Technology. Post his MBA studies, and coincident with establishing MIT, Shesh took up Australian citizenship in 1997 and served as Honorary Consul General of Nepal in Victoria from 1997 to 2000.

Recently he gave $200,000 to the Federation University Australia Foundation, which helps disadvantaged people obtain access to a tertiary education. His wife and he are also helping to build shelters for the earthquake victims of Nepal.

Shesh is actively involved in Melbourne’s business and commercial life and has a passionate commitment to education.

Additional Information

Shesh Ghale always has toast with honey and an espresso for breakfast and believes you should grow the small things.

The couple has now been able to get a 25-year contract with the international hotel group Starwood to build five-star Hotel with 225 rooms, the Sheraton Kathmandu.