25. Zara

• Brand value: $17.71 billion
• Annual revenue: $29.12 billion
• Average company salary: $44,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

The value of Zara’s apparel brand dropped 5 percent in Interbrand’s ranking to $17.7 billion.

24. American Express

• Brand value: $19.14 billion
• Annual revenue: $27.03 billion
• Average company salary: $86,000
• 5-year stock price change: +44.99 percent

The only financial services company on this list, the American Express brand is worth about $19.1 billion — up 8 percent from last year’s Interbrand ranking.

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23. Chanel

• Brand value: $20.00 billion
• Annual revenue: $9.6 billion
• Average company salary: $77,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

Juggernaut corporations like Google and Amazon continue to set the tone for the entire brand landscape, making competing for the attention of consumers all the more difficult. Chanel is perhaps an exception — it is the only brand that has never appeared before on Interbrand’s top brands list.

22. Pepsi

22. Pepsi (Photo: jeepersmedia / Flickr)

22. Pepsi

• Brand value: $20.80 billion
• Annual revenue: $63.53 billion
• Average company salary: $73,000
• 5-year stock price change: +33.85 percent

As is the case in many sectors, a few companies dominate the beverage business in the United States. Pepsi and Coca-Cola continue to be the nation’s soda giants. However, while Pepsi’s brand is valued far lower than Coca-Cola’s, its annual revenue of $63.5 billion in fiscal 2017 far exceeds Coca-Cola’s $35.4 billion revenue.

21. SAP

• Brand value: $22.89 billion
• Annual revenue: $28.2 billion
• Average company salary: $97,000
• 5-year stock price change: +82.66 percent

Subscription-based service companies have in recent years outpaced other business categories in brand value. Technology company SAP is one such company, providing security software and other services to its clients.

20. Honda

• Brand value: $23.68 billion
• Annual revenue: $135.04 billion
• Average company salary: $69,000
• 5-year stock price change: -24.15 percent

After companies in the technology sector, automotive companies appear most frequently among the 25 most valuable brands. Honda had revenue of $135.0 billion in its fiscal 2017, making it one of the world’s biggest companies in any industry.

19. Oracle

19. Oracle (Photo: maywong_photos / Flickr)

19. Oracle

• Brand value: $26.13 billion
• Annual revenue: $39.83 billion
• Average company salary: $94,000
• 5-year stock price change: +49.74 percent

Oracle’s brand value dropped 5 percent to $26.1 billion in Interbrand’s latest ranking, but the technology company remains among the most valuable brands in the world.

18. Louis Vuitton

• Brand value: $28.15 billion
• Annual revenue: $49.02 billion
• Average company salary: $75,000
• 5-year stock price change: +94.21 percent

The value of the Louis Vuitton brand shot up 23 percent last year, one of the more impressive increases in Interbrand’s analysis.

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17. Nike

• Brand value: $30.12 billion
• Annual revenue: $34.35 billion
• Average company salary: $85,000
• 5-year stock price change: +124.09 percent

A significant portion of Nike’s brand value spike of 11 percent can be attributed to the launch of its controversial Colin Kaepernick advertising campaign. According to Interbrand, this single event translated to a rise in Nike’s stock market value of $6 billion.

16. GE

16. GE (Photo: Rafael_Wiedenmeier / Getty Images)

16. GE

• Brand value: $32.76 billion
• Annual revenue: $122.09 billion
• Average company salary: $92,000
• 5-year stock price change: -45.70 percent

With annual revenue of $122.1 billion, GE is one of the world’s largest corporations. While its brand also remains one of the world’s most valuable, Interbrand lowered it by 26 percent from 2017 — one of the largest brand value drops.

15. Cisco

• Brand value: $34.58 billion
• Annual revenue: $48.00 billion
• Average company salary: $104,000
• 5-year stock price change: +112.03 percent

Cisco Systems is among the well-represented technology brands on this list. Founded in 1984, the computer networking company is also one of the older technology firms.

14. Disney

• Brand value: $39.87 billion
• Annual revenue: $55.14 billion
• Average company salary: $80,000
• 5-year stock price change: +76.36 percent

Disney is one of the nation’s most beloved and well-recognized companies, with its brand introduced to many Americans in the early years of childhood. With its brand value down 2 percent and with subscription streaming services like Netflix on the rise, Disney may have serious brand competition in coming years.

13. BMW

13. BMW (Photo: Jeremy from Sydney, Australia / Wikimedia Commons)

13. BMW

• Brand value: $41.00 billion
• Annual revenue: $113.46 billion
• Average company salary: $89,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

BMW’s revenue of $113.5 billion makes it one of the world’s largest companies. Its brand is also among the most valuable, worth approximately $41.0 billion.

12. IBM

• Brand value: $42.97 billion
• Annual revenue: $79.14 billion
• Average company salary: $93,000
• 5-year stock price change: -19.56 percent

The value of a brand might be expected to rise with its visibility. Such logos as McDonald’s arches, Apple’s apple icon, and Amazon’s “A” are seen daily by millions of people. IBM is perhaps less common in this regard. It has focused heavily on innovation in recent decades, and received over 9,000 patents in 2017, more than any other U.S. company. In fact, IBM has been a patent leader for the last 25 years.

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11. Intel

• Brand value: $43.29 billion
• Annual revenue: $62.76 billion
• Average company salary: $97,000
• 5-year stock price change: +108.44 percent

Intel is best known as a manufacturer of processors and semiconductors for use in personal computers and business operations. The company continues to thrive as the world becomes increasingly technologically dependent. Intel’s annual profits have averaged around $10 billion per year in each of the last three years.

10. McDonald's

10. McDonald’s (Photo: Crusier / Wikimedia Commons)

10. McDonald’s

• Brand value: $43.42 billion
• Annual revenue: $22.82 billion
• Average company salary: $52,000
• 5-year stock price change: +75.96 percent

McDonald’s has maintained its dominance as the world’s most popular fast food chain for decades. While it has fine-tuned its menu to adjust for changing tastes, including adding salads and other healthier foods, as well as a popular line of coffee, the company’s success comes from its brand recognition and the popularity of the same items it has had on its menu for years. McDonald’s employs over 230,000 people worldwide.

9. Facebook

• Brand value: $45.17 billion
• Annual revenue: $40.65 billion
• Average company salary: $117,000
• 5-year stock price change: +213.11 percent (Since IPO)

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is used all over the world. At last count, the company had over 2.2 billion users, or about 30 percent of the world’s population. Facebook has continued to ensure its success by purchasing social media and messaging companies like WhatsApp and Instagram.

8. Mercedes-Benz

• Brand value: $48.60 billion
• Annual revenue: $188.89 billion
• Average company salary: $71,000.
• 5-year stock price change: -4.22 percent

The Mercedes-Benz brand has been around for over 90 years, but the company’s history goes back even further, to the earliest days of the automobile. Today, the German company is one of the most prestigious names in luxury automobiles, selling over 300,000 cars in the U.S. in 2017.

7. Toyota

7. Toyota (Photo: dogayusufdokdok / Getty Images)

7. Toyota

• Brand value: $53.40 billion
• Annual revenue: $258.24 billion
• Average company salary: $92,000
• 5-year stock price change: -4.4 percent

Toyota is one of the largest and most successful automakers in the world, selling over 10 million vehicles each year. In the United States, the Japanese company has been able to rely on the popularity of long-running brands like the Camry and the Corolla.

6. Samsung

• Brand value: $59.89 billion
• Annual revenue: $211.40 billion
• Average company salary: $92,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

After Apple introduced its iPhone back in 2007, it appeared the company would come to completely dominate the phone market. But Korean company Samsung pushed back, and thanks to the success of products like the Galaxy phones, Samsung is actually now the global leader in smartphone sales as of the first quarter of 2018.

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5. Coca-Cola

• Brand value: $66.34 billion
• Annual revenue: $35.41 billion
• Average company salary: $75,000
• 5-year stock price change: +23.4 percent

Coca-Cola is today one of the most popular beverages on the planet. According to its latest annual report, of the 60 billion servings of beverages consumed worldwide every day, Coca-Cola-owned brands accounted for about 2 billion. 

4. Microsoft

4. Microsoft (Photo: Raimond Spekking / Wikimedia Commons)

4. Microsoft

• Brand value: $92.72 billion
• Annual revenue: $89.95 billion
• Average company salary: $117,000
• 5-year stock price change: +227.6 percent

U.S. giants dominate every corner of the tech sector, and each still has its niche. While Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are the respective leaders in phones, search, social, and retail, Microsoft is the leader in software. The company, founded in 1975, is visible worldwide through its MSN brand and Windows operating system. Some estimates put the number of PCs with Windows at over 1 billion.

3. Amazon

• Brand value: $100.76 billion
• Annual revenue: $177.87 billion
• Average company salary: $100,000
• 5-year stock price change: +486.0 percent

Amazon is one of the world’s most valuable brands and also this year’s fastest growing, with brand value growth of 56 percent. According to Interbrand, in an increasingly service-driven economy, the top-performing brands continue to be those offering the best access to products and services. No company has adopted this approach more successfully or widely than Amazon.

2. Google

• Brand value: $155.50 billion
• Annual revenue: $110.86 billion
• Average company salary: $113,000
• 5-year stock price change: +128.6 percent

While Google trails Apple in brand value, the tech giant’s reach and impact on society is unrivaled. With little resistance from regulators, Google has over the years approached monopoly status in multiple markets. The world’s biggest video platform, YouTube, the world’s most widely adopted smartphone software, Android, and one of the world’s largest distributors of advertising, DoubleClick, are all owned by Google — to name just a few.

1. Apple

1. Apple (Photo: ymgerman / Shutterstock.com)

1. Apple

• Brand value: $214.48 billion
• Annual revenue: $229.23 billion
• Average company salary: $121,000
• 5-year stock price change: +225.6 percent

In this year’s Interbrand ranking, Apple is far and away the leader, with brand value of $214.48 billion. Multiple brands have thrived in recent years by offering more luxury products. Apple, which is able to price its phones at nearly $1,000 and still sell millions every month, continues to dominate the premium end of the smartphone and technology markets.