1. Amrapali banquet catering and event:

Marriage ceremonies and after parties are considered to be the most vital events of any couple’s life. The memory created is for life Time. Amrapali banquet catering and event party place provide you the best and dream party of your wedding and assist you to create the golden memory of your wedding. This party venue is located in Naxal near Bhatbhateni shopping center Kathmandu. The banquet and party place is fully equipped with the efficient and trained staffs and team members who will look after your every necessity. The hall and the whole area of the party place are floored with marbles and tiles.

The hall has a clean kitchen furnished with latest and modern equipment. The environment of the place is friendly and homely. The team members are creative in organizing the parties that you well deserved and desire. There’s also the seminar halls and DJ to lighten your party even more. They have high-quality rest room with required toiletries for the guests and clients. The party place has the capacity of accommodating thousand to twelve hundred people at a time with private parking for its guests up to seventy-five cars and hundred fifty bikes. The banquet hall provides you with the option of the vegetarian and nonvegetarian items for the party.


They provide you with lots of options on food items which you can choose according to your taste and budget. Also, the items are quite different in here from the other party venues. You can also have the online booking for your convenience. The banquet serves you on first come first serve basis. If you want to contact them for your wedding ceremonies and parties, you can contact them through the email ID or you can directly contact them through the landline number and the cell number.

2. Alfa house:

If you want your son, daughter or any near and dear one’s wedding party to be romantic and stylish then the Alfa house is your perfect destination. The party palace is located in Alfa beta complexes Baneswor Kathmandu. The Alfa house provides the services of catering, lavish marriage ceremony, meetings, seminars, conference and wedding parties. The Alfa party palace has been designed with the five-star look and decorated with Rich and elegant interior designs.

The hall is spacious with the capacity of accommodating a minimum ten to the maximum five hundred guests at a time. Since the hall s located in the central part of Kathmandu, it’s easy accessibility is one of the key features to organize your important wedding party. The Alfa house not only allows you to have the grand party with royal touch but it also provides you with the necessary privacy and discretion that you prefer. The team members consist of the most efficient, polite and courteous butlers, chefs, party planners, organizer of the events, and waiting staffs that will go there out of the way to assist you in every way and keep you away from all the stress.

Their kitchen is furnished with the most effective and modern equipment. They provide you with the option of dining with the cuisine like Indian, Chinese, continental, Thai and Nepalese. All these services are made very cost effective so every newly Weds and family members can make their memory into a cherishable one for a long time. The service they provide is filled with such richness and grandeur that your party will be filled with positive vibes. So what more you want. If you want to make the Alfa house as your ultimate destination for organizing your wedding party, then contact them through the email ID alfahousenepal@gmail.com or you can contact them through numbers. You can contact them from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Sunday.


3. Anmol catering service private limited:

If you want to have your wedding party to be perfect without any hassle and stress, the Anmol catering service is the one and only where you must go. The catering service is located in Thapagaun new Baneswor Kathmandu. This catering service has been providing its services to the people for more than twelve years. It has already established its name in Kathmandu as one of the most reputed and cost effective catering and party palace in Kathmandu. It has also beenregistered in the Event and Venue Association of Nepal. The anmol Anmol catering service is well known and well established for the party it organise and food that it served and for the best services that it provides. It is well known for its consistent and quality assist that it provides to it’s customers.

It consists of well trained management and creative staff who once finding out what you need and desire, plans the events, menus and decorations. It relieves you from all the stress of buying food items, cooking, decorations, designs and all the other hassles of the wedding parties. All you need to do is to determine what type of menu you want and what type of decorations you want. Then leave the rest on Anmol catering services. It gives you the homely and friendly environment that you wish in your most important moment of life. It was clean and well maintained kitchen lavished with modern and fancy equipment and utensils. The floors are all marble and tails. It has it’s own DJ and seminar rooms as well. The restrooms are highly maintained and cleaned.

The catering hall has the parking capacity of twenty five cats and seventy five bikes. It has a capacity of accommodating thousand to twelve hundred guests at a time. It charges 700 per plate for the non vegetarian dishes which includes seventeen food items along with two non vegetarian snacks and two meat Curries. The cost also covers music system and corkage service. The vegetarian food items can cost you up to Rs 450 per plate. Do visit once and taste the food, see the locality yourself, meet with the staff and make the decision yourself. You can also contact. You surely will not regret.

4. City banquet:

The city banquet hall has been giving it’s catering service and organizing the wedding parties and various other ceremonies for the last few years. With each passing year, the banquet hall has been expanding it’s name and fame for the best hygienic service and food that it supplies to it’s guests. The banquet hall is located in Naxal Kathmandu near the police headquarters. It has the capacity of serving thousand to twelve hundred guests at a time. The parking area it has has the capability of parking more than two hundred cars and bikes. The main motto of the banquet hall is to serve the most hygienic and delicious food to the guests.

The business of the hall is basically customer oriented. It follows every rules and regulations and make every staffs in the kitchen cooking and serving to wear the gloves. It first make it’s potential guests taste the food it has in it’s menu. Only after the customer is fully satisfied with the food then it confirm the booking of the guests. The price is also affordable and cheap in comparison to other banquet halls in Kathmandu. Iy may charge depending on the choice of your menu from RS 550 per plate. It also has twenty four hour back up service so the guests can enjoy the party without any interruption of load shedding. The hall is guarded with the on-duty security guards for the safety of it’s guests and their vehicles and belongings.

The team members consist of the staffs who are punctual, professional, friendly, courteous and well trained. The cuisines that are offered in it’s menu are Nepali, Indian, continental, Chinese cuisine with the option of the open barbecue. On the request of the guests, it also supply with the imported liquor and local alcohol along with the cold drinks and beverages from its own bar. The hall also gives you the alternative of choosing from the wide range of cutlery and tableware which consists of the plates imported from Spain. This can be on the place which can make your ordinary party into a special lively one. You can contact this banquet through the number 014443099.

5. Namaste kitchen and banquet:

The name itself is suggesting that this banquet hall provides you with the traditional and cultural wedding party with the touch of modern style and vibe. The namaste kitchen and banquet hall is located in Jorpipal Gairidhara Kathmandu. It is also listed amongst the well established and well known party palaces in Kathmandu which are best known for it’s services and courtesy it gives to it’s guests. It not only organise the wedding parties bit also organise the birthday party, rice feeding ceremonies and other small ceremonies. The namaste kitchen and banquet hall follows every rules of providing the hygienic food and prepare every dish on their menus from the local produce.

The hall can accommodate up to thousand to twelve hundred guests at a time and serve them with good food and environment. The floor of the Namaste Kitchen and banquet hall is all marble and tailed. The kitchen is highly maintained with the well-functioning and modern equipments. The chefs and waiting staff are well trained and efficient. The management staffs are highly creative in organising and designing the party as desired by the guests. The cost they charge also is cost-effective according to the service they provide. They can charge up toRS 550 to RS 700 per plate on the basis of the food items you have chosen. If you want to engage the service of this excellent banquet hall, you can contact them in the number.

6. Crystal banquet:

The crystal banquet hall is one of the finest banquet and catering service established in manbhawan 5 Lalitpur Kathmandu. The banquet hall is well equipped with the well trained, skilled and creative teams who takes all the responsibility for your shoulders theirs. They listen to your needs, wishes, type of party you want to give, type of menu you prefer, time, date and duration o the party along with the number of the guests estimated to come in your party. Then your work is complete. The team of the crystal banquet will then prepare a menu with the estimated price quotation and will send to you.

After your acceptance, they will then prepare for the party, design , decorations, and food and drinks. One of the drawback that guest may find with the service of this banquet is you have to pay seventy percent of the total payment in advance which is non refundable. Since the banquet is completely and legally registered and licenced, the banquet hall will also charge you ten percent service charge and thirteen percent VAT. You have to may minimum RS twenty five thousand as the booking amount in the beginning which is gain nonrefundable. Also, the banquet provide the guests with their own DJs and they do not allow any other DJs from outside.

The crystal and banquet service provide you with various sets of food menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the basis of your event, size and nature. The banquet hall believe in the quality so they use the fresh local product and ingredients for preparing their cuisine. The Halls are well furnished, clean with cozy and homely environment. They not only organise the marriage parties but also assist you in organising the welcome and farewell party, school function, campfire etc. This banquet hall can provide the service to one thousand guests at a time. The party palace also has the free parking for the guests with their own on-duty security guards to ensure the complete safety of guests, their vehicles and their belongings and valuable. The banquet hall also has the option of the vegetarian and non vegetarian diet.

They are also flexible on their menu options and can add the diet and dining option as preferred by the guests. The catering service is provided by the well organised team of professional and efficient staffs.

7. Tripureshwor party palace:

Tripureshwor party palace is one of the most elegant, stylish, traditional party palace which has the experience in five star hotel and multinational hotels both nationally and internationally. The party palace is located in tripureshwor opposite to the entrance of rangashala, at United world trade center. The party palace has the capability of serving a thousand guests in one event. The party palace is furnished with the mix of the traditional and modern designs and arts. The staffs and team members both administrative, managerial and technical are highly professional and skilled. Once you reach to the place with your desire, the responsibility of planning, organising and executing comes to the team members of this party palace.

They plan and execute the events and it’s designs and decimations along with the menu and music. They manage the staff for the convenience of the guests and monitor the event all the time for the safety and security of the guests. They provide the twenty four hour service to their customers. They provide the free parking service to it’s clients and guests, along with their efficient and professional photographer to capture the beautiful moments for the memories. On the preference and request of the guests, they also decrease the hall with the seasonal or desired flowers.

The other facilities of this party palace include the open terrace, campfire, fully air-conditioned hall, their own DJ , fireplace for winter, with the spacious conference Hall. The party palace also plays the traditional Newari music as per the request of the guests. The dining options they provide you with are vegetarian and non vegetarian with hytea menu. You can remember this party palace not only for organising the wedding party but also for business events, social events, birthday and other small parties and gatherings for which you can contact them.

8. Star banquet:

The star banquet comes under the most reputed and well established banquet not only in Kathmandu valley but also in Chitwan Bharatpur. The banquet has the long history of the establishment. It was first opened as hotel star banquet in Ratna Nagar Chitwan in the year2000 A. D. After providing the best quality services to numerous customers in Chitwan, it then opened it’s branch in Kathmandu in the year 2007 with the name of swayambhu party palace. It has renamed itself with the name of star banquet in the year 2012 A. D. Since then it has been operating with the same name in swayambhu.

It has been providing it’s catering services in national and international level program since it’s establishment. The star banquet has received the appreciation certificate from UNMIN, UNDP, UNICEF, Ministry of peace and reconstruction, second national scout jumboree, US Air Force. The banquet is facilitated with power back up so the guests can enjoy their party without any interruption. It also has spacious and comfortable conference Hall and free parking for the guests vehicles. It also has the provision of twenty four hours WiFi service so guests can enjoy the free internet within it’s premises. The banquet also has doctors in call in case of any any medical emergencies. The banquet hall has been formed with the all Nepal rental catering service slogan.

Thus it has been working in enhancing and expanding it’s services all over Nepal. It has already opened it’s two branches in Chitwan. The services it provide to it’s customers are cost worthy with the group of efficient, disciplined and professional staffs with dietary options of vegetarian and non vegetarian food items and drinks. If you want the best services for your wedding party, you can contact the venue. Or you can even mail them on info@hotelstarbanquet.com. You can also book the venue through online.

9. Durbar banquet:

The Durbar banquet is located in Soalteemode Rabibhawan Kathmandu province number ber three. Though the location is the central part of the valley, but the banquet is still away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The environment of the banquet is homely, lively and familiar. The hall in the banquet is well furnished with modern furniture and designs. The banquet is spread in the area of more than four ropani of land. So more guests can be accommodated at the same time. The house of the banquet itself is a traditional Newari house with art auditorium of 5500 square feet.

The banquet has it’s in a beautiful garden with the spacious parking area available for the guests to park their vehicles freely. The efficient and proficient staff members gives it’s guests a high quality of attention the guests can enjoy fully the events they have asked for. The professional team members of the banquet welcomes the guests with warm-heartedness and they put their one hundred percent effort to meet all the requirements of the guests. The banquet provide it’s own music system which blends with the ambience of the hall and the grandeur lighting and furnishings and the decor mingle with the Hall’s design.

The management staff initially try to understand the needs and taste of the clients, their preference. Then they concentrate on planning, implementing and executing so all the necessity of the clients can be met. They mainly focus in providing the guests with healthy nutritious and variety of cuisine. The kitchen of the banquet is not only equipped with the modern and lavish equipment bit also with the well trained experienced chefs who supply you with the traditional Newari dish to continental cuisine. The banquet mainly focus on providing the relaxation, rest, comfort, fun and worry-free to the Guests.

It puts it’s all effort to turn your wedding party into a red carpet events. To bring the smile on the face of every guests, to provide them the convenience and ease, and satisfy the taste buds is the major motto of the banquet. The dining lounge of the banquet is spacious and comfortable to relax and dine. The room is fully furnished with a designed table which helps in uplifting the mood of the guests. The bar lounge provides the beer, sliders, wine and different other beverages where you as the host can keep an eye on your guests to behave socially while drinking. If you want your wedding venue and the party itself to be the best and traditional, you can contact the banquet on 014278758 or on info@durbarbanquet.com.np.

10. Heritage garden banquet:

The heritage garden banquet was formed in the year 2017. Though it’s still young in the business but it has already established it’s name in the catering services. The banquet has a young energetic and imaginative professional on catering management, event production and execution. It has proved itself to be the best conventional hall which is located in Sanepa Lalitpur Kathmandu. It has exotic yet decent interior, lobby hall, comfortable dining space, open bar and parking space with the capacity of more than hundred vehicles at a time.

The food and the cocktail menu they provide you with are different from the menu of other existing companies. They listen to their guests attentively and understand the customer demands and request. The banquet hall cost you RS 1600 per pax with 13% VAT. The multi-function hall can accommodate eight hundred to thousand people at a time and cost you RS two lakh for half a day and Rs four lakh for the whole day. The conference room which can serve eighty to hundred guests cost you RS 150000 for half day and RS three lakh for the whole day. For the events, the capacity is thousand to fifteen hundred people which cost you RS four lakh for the whole day. You can contact them.

11. Star venue:

The star venue completely justify it’s name and has truly established itself with a strong root. It is shining as a star in the catering business and service in the valley. The star venue was formed ten years ago in Narayan chaur, Naxal Kathmandu. It is most commonly known as the most convenient and spacious venue with the reputation of topmost and high standards catering services. Though formed ten years ago, it has continuously change it’s decorations, designs and look adapting with the changing time. It has also more often enhance it’s food quality by keeping in mind the review and opinions of the guests.

It has repeatedly maintained it’s efficient service throughout the varied time period. Though centrally located in the city, it still is away from the traffic and the noise even during the peak hours. The star venue is in real the first one to develop the catering service in the city. It was first built as Durbar party venue near Yak and Yeti hotel in Durbar Marg nearly twenty years ago. Star venue is one of the franchise of the Durbar party venue with the same owner. Thus the venue has the experience of serving thousands of customers with satisfaction and pride. The major motto of the venue since it’s establishment being honesty and trust.

The venue is capable of serving all types of occasions like marriage, bratabandha, birthday, meetings, dance party, music program, religious festival, school function, theme parties, games, exhibition and shooting. The venue has it’s own garden with the capacity of accommodating 300 people with the separate reception hall. The reception hall has the sufficient space for serving the hundred people standing and three hundred chairs in the theatrical arrangement. The garden area can be extended for bigger parties and events. The reception hall is spacious, clean and well decorated. The stage is well designed with the adequate and spacious dance floors. The disco lights, DJ equipment and soft music equipment are well fitted.

The dinner hall is designed as semi Newari style with the arrangement of seating hundred and fifty people at a time. The bar has blended itself in the garden with the availability of the beverages and drinks as ordered by the guests. They offer you with a package of fixed price which includes fixed decorations with light, light music arrangement, back up power supply arrangement with a generator, a walk-in freezer for cooling refreshments, adequate parking space in the premises, and security guards. The other services which it gives with certain extra charge are DJ, but it allows the loud music till 9 pm only. The floral and cloth decorations, marriage accessories like Sukunda and panas, tens and chairs of choice. You can contact me the star venue through online booking or through the number or the email ID.

12. Yellow Pagoda:

Yellow pagoda is the best ideal place for parties, conference, marriage ceremony etc. The yellow Pagoda is not only the four star hotel located in the central location of Kathmandubut it is also listed amongst one of the finest banquet and catering service provider in the city. It has been serving the international quality services while organising the marriage parties and reception, exhibition, conventions, etc. It is basically reknowned for it’s sophistication, elegance and charmful creation in the environment for the party and events. The yellow pagoda banquet and catering service is well equipped with the professional management, creative and delicious cuisine, decorated venues, and efficient services. The service of yellow pagoda based on the first come first serve.

The special rates and discount are given to the member guests and those who have stayed for a long time in the hotel. Some of the Halls that yellow pagoda has are D B Raj meeting room with the capacity of 30 pax in the theater style and 15 pax in U Set up style. The Annapurna hall has the capacity of 30 pax in the theater style and 15 pac in the U set up style. The machhapuchhre hall has the capacity of 125 to 150 pax in a theater style, 40 Pac in the U set up style and 60 pax in the roundtable style. The Dhaulagiri hall has the capacity of 125-150 pax in a theater style, 40 pax in U set up style and 60 pax in a roundtable. The Ganesh hall has the capacity of 175-200 pax in a theater style, 45-50 pax in a u set up style and 80 pax in a roundtable style.

The Buddha Hall has 150 pax in a theater style, 40 pax in u set up style and 60 pax in a roundtable style. The shashikala Smriti hall has the capacity of 500-550 pax in a theater style, 80-100 pax in a u set up style and 200 pax in a round table style. You according to your number of guests invited can choose any hall you like. The yellow pagoda offers you free parking of hundred cars and two hundred bikes. Almost all people know where the yellow pagoda is located. Still, the yellow pagoda is located in Kantipath Marg, Kathmandu. You can contact the pagoda on 014244006 and 9841499142. You can also email them.

13. Anand event management and meetings private limited:

The Anand event management not only provides the excellent venue for organising the marriage parties but it also provide the formal education, courses and training to the students interested in hospitality service. Thestudents are given the real opportunity to participate in the Event and contribute so they gain the practical knowledge too. The Anand event is located in bhimsengola 34 new baneswor Kathmandu. The main characteristic of this event management service provider is it’s sophisticated ambience banquet hall which can serve up to fifteen hundred people at a time. It also provides the 24*7 service to it’s guests to assist them anytime they are in need. It also has two exotic ballrooms for managing any kind of dance parties or events and celebration.

It also offers you free private parking area for all it’s guests with complete security and safety with the well efficient and trained security guards. Unlike the other party Halls, it not only concentrate on event planning, organising, managing and executing. But it also concentrate on assessing the exhaust fan, checking the Attic and storage areas and cleaning the refrigerator coil to ensure the complete safety of it’s guest, clients and staffs. It professionally manage the events, attend to keep safe the guests and save their money. The kitchen of this venue is clean, and hygienic with every precaution to maintain the sanitation.

The Anand event and management holds the best marriage parties and reception, college fest, expo seminar, cocktail parties, product launch, corporate events, meetings. No matter whichever the event is, the management focus on ensuring the grand success of the event whether it’s small, medium or big. It also ensures that it serves the best inspired cuisine to it’s guests. It provides its service at the most affordable price. You can contact them from Sunday to Saturday between 9 am to 6 pm. You can also email them.

14. Yak and Yeti hotel and wedding venue and party palace:

One of the oldest historical and traditional hotel with the fusion of the modern touch and decor, the yak and yeti fulfills it all. If you want your wedding venue and your reception party to be a dream event that you have always desired. If you want no expense to be spared and want a perfect ceremony, the yak and yeti is your perfect and ultimate destination. It provides it’s services meeting the international standards. The traditional Durbar enriched with a beautiful history of Nepal, the regal ballroom, the crystal hall and the exotic flower decorations perfect your wedding party by one hundred percent.

If you are searching for the rooms to let your guests stay during the wedding ceremony and the party, the yak and yeti hotel provide you with the beautiful rooms and suites as your liking. The perfect setting, sublime cuisine, the continuous effort and service of the professional staffs helps you to create the lasting and unforgettable dream wedding memory. The yak and yeti wedding venue provides you with their event manager who will listen to what you really want. He will provide you with creative ideas and alternative for you to choose according to your wish and budget. After you choose your liking, the event manager, the team members will then carry out all the required steps to perfect your event.

It may cost you a little.more in comparison to other venues, but the experience you can gain and the memory they will create for you to cherish probably worth the expense. The yak and yeti hotel is located in Paryatak Marg, Durbar Marg, ward no 1Kathmandu. You can have the contact with them or you can email them.

15. Lotus party palace:

Lotus party palace is the United place for the marriage ceremony, party and all the events that may occur in your life. It was established in the year 2065 B. S. Located in mahadevsthan koteswhor 35 Kathmandu. Since then it has been providing it’s upper class service to all it’s clientele. It has established it’s name and rooted itself as the best in catering, banquet, and serving trade. At a time it can serve up to twenty five hundred people in one place. It has provided the suffice parking area for it’s gguests withthe security of it’s highly trained and professional guards. It provides the two options to it’s guests the outdoor and the indoor catering option. It also provide the solution to every function like wedding, reception, events, celebration, conventions, exhibition, and conference.

They perform their trade with integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, hard work and perseverance. Thus the clientele have put more and more faith on this party palace. Their goal is to bring the smile on the face of their customers. The party palace not only updated itself with modern culture but it also follow the tradition. That’s why, they provide the well decorated and designed mandap to perform the wedding. Since the place is adjacent to the mahadevsthan temple, any religious acts like bratabandha and marriage can be easily performed in the party palace. The banquet hall that it provides is spacious, versatile and elegant.

It caters the delicious and diverse Nepalese food with high nutrition and tempting taste. It maintain the hygienic environment, irganise the picnic catering service. It supplies the delicious food to great parks, backyards, outdoor venue etc. It focus on availing great food, beat catering services at affordable price. You can contact them on 014155091 or 9841799634.

16. Diyalo foodland and party palace:

The best party palace can be defined as the one which can win over the taste buds of many clients and make them as the dedicated clientele to you and your party palace. Diyalo foodland and the party palace is the one which completely justify it’s name as the perfect foodland for the party and events. Since it’s establishment, it has maintained it’s high standards in cooking and serving elegant dishes. The major characters through which the diyalo catering service is shining are the provision of the excellent catering service, organising the fun filled party. The availability of the flexible and versatile hall, and above all the supply of the bestfood with a unique style.

The diyalo party palace consists of a team that has experienced and trained staff who help to organise any complex events at an affordable price. It provides the authentic Nepalese and world class and hygienic cuisine on the basis of the choice and preference of the clients. The locality itself is peaceful and natural of dhapasi basundhara Kathmandu. It has it’s own inbuilt garden sitting cottage, deluxe to roof top dining facilities, air conditioned party hall. It ease the inconveniences of the bride by providing her with the changing and make up the room. The seminar hall and meeting room is fully equipped with multimedia function.

It can accommodate up to twelve hundred people at an event. It supplies the fully supported music system with disco and laser lights. The parking area it supplies is located in secured VIP Ring road area. It has also taken into consideration the necessity of the kids so it has built the kid s play zone and a natural cottage with sunset and sunrise view. The outdoor catering service can accommodate up to five thousand people at a time. So you can organise small to extra large party in the same venue. You can easily visit the place due to an easily accessible location or you can contact the diyalo party palace.

17. R. B. Home concern:

The name of R. B. Home concern is no new in the traffic of catering services in Kathmandu. It has been serving its thousandof clientele for the last twenty nine years. It has not only hosted the social events but also organised the corporate events. Thousands of clients have become dedicated to this party palace and only remember the R. B. Home for organising their any events. It’s not only the humble and polite service that they provide. It’s the elegant delicious dises and varieties that they serve.

The attentionthey pay to every detailsof any party or event you want to organise win over your heart. Like the other catering service and party palace, they are not strict or fixed. They are flexible on menus. They customise the menus depending on the budget, taste and preference of the clients. It also provide the tents, decorations on demands of the client, music system, lighting, disco stage and space along with the ample parking area for the guests. It is located in mitrapark chabhil Kathmandu.

It is situated nearby to Pashupatinath Temple. So any religious ceremonies can also be performed in this party palace. It has been continuously organising and catering wedding, parties, shows, concerts, engagement, reception or any other events. It has been earning the faith and trust of people more and more. The foundation of the R. B. Home is formed on the basis of honesty, integrity and persistence. If you want to put your faith on this party palace too, you can contact them.

18. Golden party palace:

Golden party palace has been giving the tough competition to R. B. Home concern by serving Guests with quality service at a reasonable price. It is also located in mitrapark chabhil Kathmandu. So all the religious and cultural ceremonies can be performed at ease due to a nearby location to Pashupatinath. It has been organising the social and cultural events like pasni.and bratabandha etc. Similarly, it has also been holding the parties, seminar, conference, cultural programs, school events, and marriage ceremony and reception parties.

The price that is quoed by the palace include the decorations, design, chairs, foods and beverages, parking space for the guests, free internet service or wifi throughout the premise of the party palace. It also provide the music system, lighting, backup power supplyfor the continuous enjoyment of the party, dance stage, video recording editing and photography. You can visitwww.facebook.com/goldenlightpartypalaceot you can contact them. Once you engage them. for the service, you will not be disappointed at all. The expense you pay for the service is less than the service they pay you. That’s why it has been giving the already established party palace a tough competition.

19. A B party palace:

The A B party palace is located in pragatinagar samakhushi Kathmandu. It has been providing the catering service for a long time with a variety of menu and flexibility in the options on demand and request of the guests. It has been providing the full and half catering services with the affordable price that the clients can pay. The service they provide is of the optimum level with efficiency and professionalism. They not only assist the clients with the vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines. But they also supply the music system allowing the loud and soft music according to the preferance of the guests.

They also decorate the hall and banquet with the flowers seasonal and liking of the clients. The premise of the party palace is fully served with free internet for twenty four hours. It also has a huge parking area for the vehicles of the guests with the trained and skilled security guards. They provide the required protection for the guests, their belongings and vehicles. They have the team members consisting of well trained, experienced and skilled professional who not only pay the Keen attention to every deails of the events but also provide the video recording, editing and photography.

They can host and organise, plan and implement any celebration, events, occasions, party, birthday, gathering, farewells, school events and marriage ceremony. Though located in a very accessible place of the city, it still is peaceful and calm providing the complete relaxation and street free environment to it’s guests. You will not rgret your decision and the expense you pay for the service of the A B party palace. You can pre book and reserve the party palace by contacting them.

20. Sajha party palace:

If you choose to give the responsibility of catering and organising your wedding partyto the sajha party palace, then you are in a very capable hands. Sajha party palace is very much competent in hosting and managing any occasions and events like wedding, party, reception, bratabandha, pasni or rice feeding ceremony and other cultural and social events. It also irganise the charity events which it her party palace hesitate to organise and serve.

It also is capable and have served for the fashion show, drama and different other shows. It provides the guests with delicious and elegant dining and cuisines, breakfast, meal and deserts. It is located in the main area of the city known as lagankhel Kathmandu. They have adequate space for the parking of the vehicles and bikes of the guests. The seating arrangement, and the dining hall is well furnished and lavished with modern equipments and adequate space. The filled and trained security guards watch over for the safety and security of the guests and their valuable.

The banquet and hall for the party is well decorated and designed. The kitchen is clean and well equipped. Every precaution is taken for maintaining the sanitation and providing the hygienic and nutritious cuisine. They listen and understand your needs and desires, plans and execute, deciorate and designs the Venue such that your simple events will be turned into a dream event you forever dreamed of. You can contact them.

21. Mandala house and catering service:

The mandala house and catering service is established with the main aimof serving and celebrating the occasions. So the guests can enjoy stress free important occasion of their without any hassle and bustle of buying the goods and preparing for the events. You only have to tell the competent team members of the party palace what you exactly expect. Rest is the responsibility of the team members. They prepare, plan and execute for you. They will prepare the delicacies depending on your taste buds and it will guarantee your satisfaction. The party palace is located in kharibot balkumari Kathmandu.

It organises the marriage ceremony, parties, reception, pasni, birthday, and many other social occasions. It comes with a spacious and comfortable hall for holding a seminar, cultural programs and various other functions. It has a wide parking area which has the capacity of parking three hundred bikes and twenty cars. The hall and the banquet hall and the auditorium for the marriage party and ceremony is well decirayed and themes based on the wishes of the clients. The parking area is facilitated with the efficient security guards to protect the guests, their vehicles and belongings.

The menu is flexible serving the vegetarian and non vegetarian dining options for the guests at a reasonable price. They also arrange for the music system, speaker, DJ and disco lights with power back up for the continuity of the party without any interference. The Halls are spacious, well decorated and furnished with modern equipments fused with the traditional cultural designs. Complete precaution and preventive measure are taken for the maintenance of sanitation and hygiene.

Considerations are taken for providing the guests with nutritious and delicious food items for satisfying the palate of the guests. The staffs and the while team members are professional and trained. They will assist you in any way they can for easing you and comforting you. You can contact them through the number. You can also email them.

22. Lalitpur party palace:

Lalitpur party palace helps you in creating a lifetime memory by making your special moments and events exclusive. Whether it be your wedding, or the after party and reception, programs, college events, conference, seminars, premier, music launch, and many other services. The characteristic feature of this party palace which makes it different and particular from other are it’s fully air conditioned room, high quality washroom, it’s own DJ services, lightings and music system.

It also provide you with a skilled video recorder, editor and photographer. It has equipped itself with back up generator so the guests can enjoy the party and event without any disturbing load shedding. It has well trained security guards of it’s own on it’s premises who look after your safety and protection. The party palace has it’s own parking area spacious enough to park your vehicles inside it’s premises. The menus consists of the delicacies which has the alternative of modifications according to the preferance of the guests. The main ai e of the party palace being the ultimate and optimum satisfaction ofit’s clients.

It also takes care of the health of it’s clientele so Keen attention is given to every measure concerning hygiene and sanitation. The kitchen is clean and maintained with modern equipments and cutleries. You as a guest can choose the decorations you like and the table cloths and even the cutleries and plates. You can inquire and pre book the place by sending email on lalitpurpartypalace@outlook.com. You can direct call them. The party palace is located in satdobato road lalitpur Kathmandu.

23. Thapagaun banquet:

Thapagaun banquet is located in the central location of Kathmandu, thapagaun, new baneswor. It has formed it’s name in the city as the ultimate destination for the entertainment and event hosting venue. The optimum satisfaction of the clientele is hundred percent guaranteed. The thapagaun banquet unlike other venues has it’s own banquet hall that specializes in organising wedding parties, anniversary, birthday, pasni, ceremonies etc. The two large halls can facilitate fifteen hundred guests at a time so appropriate for the large and bigger events.

The venue has the in built modern bar with adjoining large courtyard which can accommodate two hundred fifty guests at a time. It has modernized and high tech disco theque with art acoustics and sound proof technology. The banquet hall has kept in mind all the necessity of the all age grouped guests. The disco theque is built to win over the herts of the young people while the kitchen with modern and affluent equipment win over the health conscious guests. The kitchen clean and well maintained with time to time cleaning of the exhaust fan, refrigerator and the floors.

The venue also provide the mandapfor wedding and bratabandha and other cultural and religious rituals. The delicious cuisine it serve satisfy the palate of every guests. Time and Time again it has proved to be the beat entertainer for corporate and private eventsand program management. The thapagaun banquet was built in 21st November 2013. Since then it has never looked back forit’s services. It has continuously raised its own margin. The thapagaun banquet can be contacted for pre booking and reservation. You can send them the email on thapagaunbanquet@gmail.com.

24. Green Cafe and party Venue:

The green Cafe and party venue is the gracious wedding venue located at tinkune Kathmandu. The feature that makes this venue different and particular from other party venues in the city is that it allows it’s guests to host their party by themselves. It offers the client with two options. One is that the clients can simply tell the venue when, what type and what size of events they want, the duration of the event, number of guests invited and the type of cuisine they want. They can even ask them to decorate as their own choices. Rest is the responsibility of the venue to plan, ithanise and execute the party.

Second alternative is that the venue only provides the place and the staff if required and the client himself can organise the party. The other vital feature of this venue is the world class cuisine that it serves. It offers a variety of food items like traditional Nepali, thakali, newari and continental food. The venue provide the hall for the wedding party, birthday party, seminar and other small and big events. It also supply all the other common facilities like music system, dj, floral decorations, mandap and parking facilities with security guards. You can prebook the hall.

25. Hotel Himalaya party venue and hall:

The hotel Himalaya’s conference, meeting halls and auditorium have hosted numerous international conventions, workshops and special banquets along with the dream marriage ceremony and after parties, since it’s establishment. The hotel has not only hosted the social and cultural events like a fashion show or the music launch or the premier but it has also hosted the corporate meetings, conference and seminars. It has the provision of the Halls that are specially formed for holding the urgent and confidential meetings and serving the VIP guests. The team member of the hotel are very discreet while serving and holding these types of events.

It shows that the hoel and it’s staff can be fully trusted. They believe working in integrity and honesty. This quality o the hotel has allow it to serve numerous VIP guests and organisation. The major respectable clientele of the hotel include the NGOs and INGOs like UN, corporate houses, prominent families etc. The hotel Himalaya has the variety of party halls and venue with the unique tailor and creativity function to make your events a memorable one. It fulfill all your needs, demands, request and desire.

The hotelpremise include the area of ten acres situating the only 8km away from the international airportand 2km away from the Kathmandu city center. It is located in sahid sukra Marga ward no ten Lalitpur Nepal. Along with your party and event, you can enjoy the 180 degree panoramic view of the Himalaya and mountain range from the garden of the hotel. Youhave the opportunity to enjoy the best exotic fresh cuisine in the international restaurant and cafe horizon. The hotel Himalaya once gets the call from it’s clients for the reservation of the event. It sets on work and it ends it onlyafter bringing the utmost satisfaction to it’s clients and guests. It welcomes each one of it’s clients with utmost importance and serve with the personalised services keeping in mind their wish and demands.

The hotel Himalaya gives you the option of a variety of halls which you can choose according to your need and Size and nature of the event. The skyline hall has the classic neo style decoration appropriate for the meeting, workshop, banquet service. The hall is bright, sunny and refreshing with huge glass windows overlooking the green lawns and garden of the hotel. The hall has the beautiful view of the mountains and Himalayan ranges that can be seen from the windows. Thehall provides the accommodation to two hundred guests in theater style, ninety guests at class room style, seventy guests at U shaped style, two hundred guests at a cocktail reception and hundred and twenty guests at the sit-down function.

The rato baithak is a spacious elegant and gracious room with upholstered wallsfit for seminars and reception party like that of the wedding. The rato baithak can accommodate two hundredGuests in theater style, ninety guests in classroom style, seventy guests in U shaped style, two hundred guests in a cocktail reception and one hundred and twenty guests in sit down function. Both the Halls are on the same floor so both halls can be used simultaneously in case of bigger events. The meeting room which is appropriate for holding private partyor formal meetings is very spacious with comfortable seating arrangements.

The professional team helps to cater to the needs of the guests participating in the meeting or the conference. It is located on the third floor so the private meeting can be easily conducted. TheGreen room is also set for organising and conducting the utmost private and confidential meeting and business where the discreet staffs of the hotel look after it’s clients needs. It is also situated in the third floor of the hotel. The hall accommodate ninety guests in theater style, twenty sevenguests in class room style, thirty guests in the U shaped style, fifty guests in a cocktail reception and forty guests in sit down function. The Himalaya hall was added in 2014 A. D.

Which is lavished with modern luxuries. The high demand of the Halls of the hotel Himalaya in the market have motivated the owners to add another wing in the structure. Thus the Himalaya hall was built. It is the largest hall of the hotel that can serve three hundred guests in the theater style, one hundred and twenty five guests in the classroom style, one hundred and seventy five guests in the sitdown function, eighty guests in the U shaped style, and three hundredguests in the cocktail reception. The hall is perfect for the grand wedding party and lavish occasion. Along with the Halls, the garden of the hotel are fit for the outdoor events which have picturesque and ornate wood terrace. It is perfect for organising a cocktail party, birthday and intimate dinner.

The team member of the hotel will create a perfect event for you according to your needs. The cuisine served is from the traditional Nepalese food to the European, continental, American, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The hotel Himalaya can serve the clients with two services. One is the choices of the suitable hall according to your budget, need, duration, a number of the invited guests and the nature of the event. Second is the availability of the rooms. Especially in the wedding, some of the guests arrive from the distance places for which they need to be accommodated for one or two days. The hotelHimalaya has the deluxe rooms, suites, single room, double room and different other rooms with different charges. You can book any of these rooms and can make your guest stay.

So the hotel Himalaya gives you the complete package of delicious and international standards cuisines, security of your belongings and vehicles with the trained security guards, plenty of parking space for the private parking of your vehicles. The DJ and acoustic music system with the discotheque fitted with soundproof technology. Power back up a system to ensure the twenty-four hours supply of the electricity. The storage area for safe keeping of your valuable. The bride room for change and make up of the bride. The floral decorations with seasonal or on demand flowers. The artistic toih on the design of the hall. If you want to book the Himalaya hotel for your wedding party then you can reserve the hotel or you can call them.

26. Rubasana party palace:

The rubasana party palace is located in gatthaghar, sajha petrol pump Bhaktapur and also in minbhawan near V. S. Niketan college. The characteristic feature that distinguishes itself from others is the quality cuisine that it provides for the wedding party, birthday party, bratabandha, meeting etc. The party palace can provide a seating arrangement for up to eight hundred guests at a time. It has the parking area with the capacity of twenty cars and eighty bikes. It offers the traditional Newari set, Nepalese, Indian along with the continental cuisine. It also supplies the DJ to its guests with music system, sounds, and video recording, editing, and photography if requested by the clients. The prices and charge s it takes for its services are reasonable and affordable.

It offers the special course of snacks, main course, dessert at RS 350 per person. The cost is so cheap that it doesn’t mean that the snacks, course, and desert have only one item each. The snack contains vegetable soup, finger chips, prawn crackers, vegetable pakauda etc. The main course contains rice or pulao, rajma, chicken curry, fish curry or vegetable curry like paneer etc. And in the desert, you’ll have curd with rosbati or lalmohan. So the cost that they have set is very reasonable while comparing to other party palaces in Kathmandu. It last has its own ready-made pickle and salad it provides to its guests. You can call them or you can email them.

27. Kupondole banquet:

The kupondole banquet as suggested by the name is located in kupondole just at the junction of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. The area is happening now which is becoming the hype place for organizing the parties and events. The banquet has a huge parking area with space available for lots of vehicles to park. Even if the guests arrive from the public vehicle, it is not difficult to reach the banquet. It is located just at the five minutes walk from the bus stand at kandevsthan.

The distinguishing feature of the banquet is that its plan and execute the new fresh look for every wedding considering that every wedding is different from others. The color scheme of the hall is amazing and bright. The banquet has adequate indoor and outdoor spaces for organizing the big events. The entry space of the banquet venue adds the unique beauty to the party palace. The long walkway after parking area with garden and greenery makes the place even more natural, beautiful and refreshing.

The ingredients for cooking the items in the menu are bought fresh from the local market. Every detail is kept in mind to provide the guests with healthy and hygienic and delicious cuisine. The other common feature of the party hall include the requested decorations, music system, DJ and sound system, power back up and seating arrangement. You can call them or you can email them.

28. Kwality banquet:

The quality banquet is the topmost venue in buddhanagar new banesworKathmandu. The important trait of this venue is that it is Rich with the caring management staff and creative and friendly employees. The team of this party palace consists of the most hospitable employees who will listen attentively to your desires and needs. Try to understand what you really want and provide the quality service at less price. The team members plan the events that you want. It then organizes and manages all the details like decorations and designs, seating arrangements, the mandaps, and the menus which are the vital part of any occasions. The menus of this party palace have the flexibility of making change according to the taste and want of the clients.

The team members not only implement the events with perfection but it also takes every measure to ensure the safety of each of its guests. Each sanitation guidelines are followed to protect the health and maintain the cleanliness in the kitchen, on the premises and around the premises of the party palace. Though located in the central part of the city, the venue is away from the noise and has very peaceful and homely surrounding. The menu consists of both vegetarian and nonvegetarian items.

The banquet also provides the DJ with music system, sound system, discotheque and stage with lightings to enhance the mood of the party. The backup power supply is also present for the continuity of electricity supply. They also have spacious seminar halls, high quality, and clean restroom, with the parking lot of seventy-five cars and hundred fifty bikes. The trained and experienced and verified security guards are appointed for the safety and security of the guests, their belongings and their values. You can call them for reservations and pre-booking.

29. McDonald food cafe restaurant and banquet:

This is the perfect venue for wedding reception located in mid baneswor Kathmandu. The banquet hall has the capacity to accommodate five hundred guests at a time. Each guest and client is treated with the utmost individuality. It holds the ceremony for a wedding, party, reception, social and cultural events and sacred rituals because it also provides the mandaps for the bratabandha and pasni. The cooking ingredients for the vegetarian and nonvegetarian items are all bought from the local farmers which are fresh and healthy. The restroom .inside the banquet is of high quality and comfortable for the guests.

The whole area of the banquet hall comes with free WiFi that genuinely works along with the huge parking area. The hall also provides the decorations on demand of its clients whether it be a floral or themed. The efficient team members pay the attention to the smallest details like cleaning and assessing the function of the exhaust fan or cleaning the coil of the refrigerator or wiping the floors of the hall with antiseptic from time to time. The major aim of the hall is the provision of the hundred percent satisfaction to the guests and maintaining the health and sanitation. You can book the hall by calling on the number.

30. Mahadevsthan party palace:

The Mahadevsthan party palace is named by the temple Mahadevsthan nearby in Koteswhor Kathmandu. The party palace guarantees the hundred percent satisfaction for it’s all customers and clients. This party palace is unique in itself because it formulates the package for every wedding believing that every wedding is truly different and unique. It believes in every day to be special and every event to be the extraordinary one.

Therefore, it not only plans, manage, organize and execute the marriage parties but it also hosts all the events and occasions that the guests ask for. Like the birthday party, seminar, school events, Bratabandha, picnic, meetings, and different other occasions. The party palace has the adequate parking lot easing the guests day by enabling free private parking with the security provided by the well-trained guards. So the guests can enjoy the party without any stress and tensions. It also has the option of the outdoor and indoor execution of the event depending on the choices of the guests.

Since the important religious temple is located nearby, the sacred rituals like Pasni and Bratabandha can be easily done in this party palace. So it also avails the clients with the mandaps to conduct the rituals. It also provides the menu options with the flexibility in the menu depending on the preference of the clients. The cooking ingredients used are fresh and local product giving every consideration for the health of the guests. The kitchen is clean, sanitized and well equipped not only with the modern equipment and utensils but also with experienced and educated chefs. The party palace is also the venue which focuses on every ahead group. Thus, it provides the DJ and music system, sound system, discotheque, and stage to dance with adequate space and fitted floors. It also has the twenty-four hours internet facility for the youths and guests of any age to use the internet freely. If you want to book the place for your wedding party, call them.