The party side of the Kathmandu has the best of the restaurants, Live music bars, crowds and much more to enjoy full nights.

The following are the few established top clubs in Kathmandu which is meant for having perfect memories and getting the best of night clubs. If you are in Kathmandu for short periods, We recommend you to visit these clubs.

1. Club Deja Vu

Club Deja Vu is a brand new club centrally located in Durbar Marg. It has  20,000 sq. ft. the venue has an amazing interior setup design. The venue has a total capacity of 2500 pax with seating arrangements for approx. 500 pax. The club boasts two levels of dance floors with separate Lounge seating and two exclusive VIP rooms. 

Opening Time: It is open everyday from 6pm to 2am.

Contact Number of Club Deja Vu: Call 01-4447044

2. Karma Bar

Karma Bar & Lounge is also one of the best and hottest new addition to the lounge and party scene of the Kathmandu valley.

It has the area of 6500 sq. ft. hangout provides a space for corporate events and social gatherings like no other. 

Located at the epicenter of Kathmandu (UWTC, Tripureshwor),  It has  360 view of Kathmandu, Karma Bar & Lounge provides its visitors a hassle-free customer-oriented experience where parking, accessibility, security and complimentary services are never a concern. 

For weekend goers, Karma Bar & Lounge offers the best of what the valley night life has to offer. 

Capacity: 1,000-1,500

Karma Bar Contact number: Call 01-4117148

3. The Victory Lounge

The Victory Lounge is a high end lounge, located at Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. It offers good food, good music and amazing dance floor. Mainly young crowds love to visit here.

The entire ambiance and crowd will sure make visitors the worthy.

4. Purple Haze Rock Bar

Welcome to the most happening bar in Thamel where you are serenaded with music, food and drinks every evening. The bar has been a top destination for visitors in Thamel for more than 4 years.You will find one of the best live music, amazing crowd and atmosphere.

5. Ibyza

Located at the most happening area of Kathmandu, Thamel, Ibyza Lounge & Club is your ultimate destination to chill and get refreshed! Drive away from the daily city madness and chill out with your friends in our comfy lounge or at the bar! Rock and Roll at the Disco floor or Bang your heads to their awesome live music, all under one roof.

6. LOD : Lord of the Drink

Another brand new club in Kathmandu. This is one of the biggest and one of the best club at the moment. 

Opening Time: 6 PM Onwards

Capacity: 1000+ 

Contact: 9843-948991

Club Deja Vu, Onr of the Top Night clubs in Kathmandu

Club Deja Vu, Onr of the Top Night clubs in Kathmandu

7. Irish Pub

Located in Lazimpat, Irish Pub is an ideal place for all the football lovers who loves partying knowing the match scores. It’s a lit bar that allows you to enjoy the game with a chilled beer and soothing ambiance.

8. Sam’s Bar

One of the oldest and super famous bars, Sam’s bar is the ultimate hang out destination for travelers and locals. Situated in Thamel, this place is best for those who love booze and chill out in peace.

Sam's Bar

The place has a scrubbish decor unlike other lavish bars and it’s quite hidden inside an old building and the only way to find out the place is with its lone neon-lit signboard.

9. Mezze By RoadHouse

Mezze By RoadHouse is another happening club in Kathmandu that’s a must visit on New Year if you want to experience a full-on socialite scene. The place is a hot spot for all the rising Nepali celebrities who often hang out here but this is not the only reason to come here.

mezze roadhouse

They serve mindblowing blended cocktails and mocktails you never thought that would exist. Located in Durbarmarg, the most accessible part of the town, the place is definitely once in a lifetime-to-do thing!

I will leave Party Nepal to lead the ‘Clubs in Pokhara’ post too! But I can already think of Ozone, the new Karma Club and there’s that club in Pokhara Grande Hotel too!

10. Club 25


This club has hosted events from Astha Tamang Maskey’s gig to intimate exclusive parties. Located at the Tangalwood Complex, Club 25 Hours is definitely a fine experience.


11. Club Fahrenheit

Club Fahrenheit is just near by Fairfield by Marriott and is one of the more recent clubs to open in Kathmandu. From what Party Nepal says, it sounds like parking won’t be an issue and they have plenty on offer too!


12. Club OMG

Once upon a time, CLUB OMG ruled Thamel and now the very club has been revamped and turned into Club Reload! This super new club is one which fill quickly over the weekend and a place where it’s easy to meet new people.


13. Level 3


Prive by Level 3 at the Labim Mall in Pulchowk is one place where I have not been on a Friday evening but if this photo is anything to go by, it looks like this fine dining restaurant bar certainly comes alive the later it gets.


14. Prive

Prive by Prive Group recently opened at the Soaltee Hotel in Kathmandu. The swanky space is guaranteed to be filled by casino goers and hotel guests from the 5 star property!


15. Senata

Club Senate in Thamel is another location that has partygoers jumping till the early hours of the morning. I am just laughing remembering my antics at Club Senate in the past.


16. Evoke

Kathmandu Night Life: The Best Clubs, Lounges, and Bars Evoke

Evoke Cafe and Bistro

I was invited to Evoke to listen to my friend DJ. It’s a 20-minute cab ride from Thamel, but it’s super close to Patan. Evoke is a large restaurant/bar which had a beer pong tournament, live music, and the World Cup playing on a projector screen when I was there. There’s indoor and outdoor seating and the vibe of the place is really great. What sold me though was the insanely good food. After having a couple of beers, I decided to get a ham and cheese sandwich. I didn’t really expect anything special, but it was one of the best I’ve ever had. I’d definitely recommend this place for food or to just chill at night with friends for a drink.

the best night life hot spots in kathmandu nepal buddha bar

17. Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar is located right in the heart of Thamel, making it a popular destination for both tourists and locals. A few of my Nepali friends had mentioned the place to me, but every time I went, it was too crowded to get a seat. I’d recommend going around 6:00pm or 7:00pm and grabbing dinner, drinks, and hookah. That way you don’t have to wait for a table and can spend a few hours chilling. Early in the evening, the music started with a house vibe, and later on it changed to rap and hip hop. The ambience is great with seating on the floor, dim lighting, and hookah smoke billowing through the air.

Kathmandu Night Life: The Best Clubs, Lounges, and Bars Trisara

18. Trisara

Trisara has a few locations in Kathmandu, but we chose to go to the one located on Kings Highway near the Palace. The restaurant is large and decorated perfectly from top to bottom with a bit of a high-end jungle vibe. The walls and ceiling are wrapped in bamboo with chic chandeliers hanging from above. Lounge chairs fill the space with tables that are perfect for grabbing a drink or sharing a hookah. On Friday nights, they have a live band, and it’s a popular choice for people hanging out before hitting the clubs.

the best night life hot spots in kathmandu nepal karma
the best night life hot spots in kathmandu nepal fahrenheit
Kathmandu Night Life: The Best Clubs, Lounges, and Bars deja vu

19. Temple

Temple is a restaurant located in the heart of Thamel on the second floor of a building. At night, it has a cool lounge vibe. They play soccer matches on a big screen during World Cup and often have live DJs. What I like is that it’s a great place to grab a drink and chat with friends. The music isn’t too loud and usually no ones dancing. It reminds me of a cool New York City lounge and is great for people who want to enjoy a drink and company without going deaf or being surrounded by drunk kids.

Kathmandu Night Life: The Best Clubs, Lounges, and Bars Purple Haze
Kathmandu Night Life: The Best Clubs, Lounges, and Bars Food Truck Park

20. Food Truck Park

On week nights, the food truck park looks like any regular restaurant, but on Friday nights it’s the place to be. This is a cool spot to hang out and grab food from a variety of food trucks (the only ones in Kathmandu right now). I’d recommend stopping at Food Truck Park to eat before going out. It has such a good vibe, good food, and it’s a great place to meet up before a party. It’s outdoors so you get fresh air and music before diving into the club scene. Some nights they have live music. There’s a fully stocked bar, so this is also a nice place to just have a drink with friends during the day.

More Choices

I didn’t get a chance to visit a few places that kept being mentioned by multiple friends. If you’re in town, you can also check out Turtle or Senate which are both clubs located in Thamel. Some popular bars/lounges in Thamel are Dancing Yak and Sam’s.