We’ve all felt that feeling where, at the end of the day, you wish you felt better about the stuff you accomplished.

(Unless you’re perfect, of course.)

You wish you got more done. There’s a heaviness, a tiredness and a good helping of “dammit I didn’t give it my all today.”

Let’s talk about that, and let’s talk about 25 of our favorite tips to manage tasks we all have to deal with.

As an entrepreneur of a small business there’s just some kinds of tasks you HAVE to do… doesn’t matter WHAT kind of entrepreneur you are.

So, in this episode we share our favorite workflow tips in 8 different categories:

  • Email — we all have to deal with this. Partnerships and opportunities are in our inbox alongside (thousands of!) spammy bullsh*t. We’ve got some tips for you.
  • Planning & Strategy — what’s the most important next step? Are we leaving money on the table? Should we make more products or try to earn more from the assets we already have? We all have to ask this stuff. We’ve got some tips for you.
  • Analytics & Measurement — we all need to have a good answer to the “how are we doing right now?” question. We’ve got some tips for you.
  • Writing — whether it’s emails, blog posts, sales pages or messages to customers and employees, we all need to write. Communication is essential to every one of us. We’ve got some tips for you.
  • Customer Support — if we’re doing our jobs, every one of us has some customers. If our products are anything less than perfect, we all have some customer support to manage. We’ve got some tips for you.
  • Inspiration & Learning — every one of us needs to stay fresh and bring good ideas to the table. If we stall out too much we could burn all the way out. We’ve got some tips for you.
  • Work/Life Balance — I’ll wager that none of us want to ruin our family lives or personal lives. This is something we all balance. We’ve got some tips for you.