On this particular day if someone asked you “Who is the most followed celebrity of Nepal on Facebook?” then you may find it difficult to answer instantly. To make you comfortable, I tried to list out the Most followed celebrity of Nepal on Facebook. Wherein, there are recognizable names in the list.

1. Rekha Thapa

The actor, model, and filmmaker,  Rekha Thapa is the most followed celebrity of Nepal on Facebook. She entered in Filmography in 2000 A.D from the movie Hero.
Page Likes: 3,216,880

rekha thapa

2. Anju Panta

Ghazals and playback singer, Panta is the 2nd in this list. One of her ghazal ‘Na birse na paye timilai’ (I couldn’t forget you nor I could get you) is considered one of the best songs by her.
Page Likes: 2,095,677

anju panta

3. Priyanka Karki

She is an actress, former Miss Teen Nepal, VJ, occasional singer, a model, and a dancer. VJ turned into Filmography, Priyanka Karki, started her career as Anchor in 2006 from program knew as Celluloid is on the 3rd of this list.
Page Likes: 2,030,081

priyanka karki

4. Muna Thapa Magar

Nepali folk singer Magar is fourth on this list. She has won many national awards such as Tuborg Image Music Award 2066, Bindabasini Music Award 2066 and many other and her latest one is Music Khabar Music award 2015 in the category of Folk Singer of The Year.
Page Likes: 1,944,518

muna thapa magar

5. Namrata Shrestha

She is an actress and model and has won many awards in this sector including INFA Awards (Hong Kong) for the Best Actor (female) category in 2014.
Page Likes: 1,538,617

6. Sunita Dulal

She has been singing Nepali folk, festive to modern songs for the last ten years. Sunita Dulal, a multi-talented young Nepali woman does modeling and acting too.
Page Likes: 1,445,390

7. Yama Buddha

This name will surely surprise because the man who doesn’t even exit is at the top 7 of Most followed celebrity of Nepal on Facebook. Anil Adhikari, famously known as Yama Buddha was one of the prominent rap stars who lost his life on 14 January 2017 but his Facebook page is still active.
Page Likes: 1,157,672

8. Malvika Subba

She is the Nepali news personality, actress, television host, social activist. She was crowned as the Miss Nepal 2002 at the age of 21 and since then she is active in many fields.
Page Likes: 934,111

9. Sushma Karki

The hot actress and model Sushma Karki made her debut in Nepali Cinema Industry from the movie Mero Euta Saathi Cha in 2011.
Page Likes: 776,748

10. Keki Adhikari

An actress and professional model, Keki Adhikari, started her career featuring in several music videos before making it into the silver screen. She made her acting debut with movie Swor in 2010.
Page Likes: 771,692

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(Note: All the stats are as of 8th June 2017)