Areas of Investment in Nepal

  1. Agriculture:

The Nepal is the country of agriculture but even though the production shows as the country of desert and non- productive country. There are many lands which have no any hopes and no any power to bear the crops fully finished. But the farmer are even in the race to panting the seed.


Agriculture in Nepal has not achieved the latest and expectable level for making the nation independent in raw materials and goods. Although, it is also one of the sectors to invest your capital by taking land in lease or government will also support your view if you’re furnished in government table. Agriculture is also the main occupation of the majority of person, that will inbuilt you plan and policy for extreme and natural expected growth. The government has not given any schemes and any kinds of confession that will promote the farmer for doing the agriculture. So, there are many ferments who are exiting their farming occupation. They are going far from the land labors due to not better and proper equipped farming. After making and sculpting the latest and special technology in lands, you can start any of your cereal or any things that will give you high and unexpected production.

Nepalese climate will make you surprise sometimes with the change in its topography and presentation. But you can make your investment according to your moods and temperature or climate as the climate in Nepal has every figures and chunk. Hilly, Himalayan, and Terai contain different whether cold, moderate and warm. According to your comfort and convenience, you can invest in any of sectors to get the good compromises and prizes. Where to invest in Nepal gives you one of eth answer that is agricultures if your predict and speculation have the good comment and good grade after making invest, then you can make your process in the press. Nepal has many fragile and as well as agile lands. Somewhere you have to makes more invest to maintain it’s productivity capacity and bring it to the level where you can start after your process finishing.

  1. Hydropower :

This one of the burning sectors of Nepal where there is no doubt of money loss. It is one of the fast track and fast growing sectors and also many investors look active and eager to invest in this sectors. The world knows about the coverage and consistency of water in Nepal as it holds the second position in the world. After you invest in these sectors, you can feel and amazed that you have done two social and physical works too. The social works refer to that you have given revelation to the dark home and family, and next is that you have helped the Nepalese economic growth. Due to a large number of rivers and spectrum, you can invest anywhere by taking permission from the government. Therefore it is also one sector and that fall under the query of where to invest in Nepal.

  1. Manufacturing sectors:

It is also the answer of where to invest in Nepal. you have to fist be confirm and have to inspect and investigate the Nepalese market to enter into this sector. There are many manufacturers active and involved to make and produce the goods and services with their own design and diagram and diagonal. Confidently, you have to make the long chart and caricature of competing with competitors to adjust and alive in the market for a long time. If you are planning to make the substitute goods. This sector will also make your internal feeling and potentiality upgrade and growth your income bundles.

  1. Tourism:

No doubt, as Nepal has earned its fame in tourism sectors. Due to available of glorious arts and places, the gorgeous existence of various natural sources. And much unique craft and architecture will surely fascinate the visitors. The tourist who visits once Nepal will never forget the memory of spending times in the land of Nepal. There are many beautiful places to visit and trip without any disturbances and safely too with questing and making the life redesigning and refreshing. In this context, if you installed the more facilities of many things after investing then you will be respected as well as get a very high benefit. Like investment in various bars, resting house, swimming pools, and many pubs will also give you good and tasty return.


  1. Services sectors:

There are can be made an investment in services sectors if your eyes show the absence of services with qualitative and latest eff3cts. And you try to fill those gap with your new imported technology will play the great and crucial role to deter the wastes and boredom of people and customer. Services sectors like as the technology of massage services, acupuncture, and many others. As you know that Nepal is developing a country where there is the absence of many things. If you want to makes that pit filled up with your own technology, then the matter will get good support for the procession. Where to invest in Nepal also show this option.

  1. It department:

If you belong to information technology and are a genius in the computer hardware and software sectors, you can invest your capital in achieving the good and expected profit. Nepalese IT sectors have not upgraded and uploaded the new and latest features which will provide the customer faster and convenience services. You intelligence show and gifts you the great remuneration if you invest your money as well as your labors. Information technology also modifies realistic facts and function to upload and penetrate the good and great software inside it. installation and developing the new software will also give good profit and good respect along with. Thus, where to invest In Nepal also includes this sector.

  1. Retail store:

This also one of the sector to invest in Nepal without bumping in the crowded market. With the developing fact and figures of Nepalese market, it is one of the best sectors to invest your huge amount. Due to the busy day and scarcity of time, the person wants to purchase everything under one roof and terrace. Retail store having great spaces will make your expectation more lighting and more expecting. You can requisite the great profit after investing in the retail store that is department stores having the goods of every thing at cheap and chilly price.

  1. Hotel services:

This sector is one the high speed growing with new and modern architects in various level in various places. Nepal is not small and the tourist destination is not the single. Nepal is full of natural as well as tourist hub where they can make their trip more treaty and tasty. In Nepalese land, people are very much passionate and they are also connoisseurs of spending the night and having dinner in bug and star rated hotel. Therefore, without doing delay, you can also invest you huge budget in large hotels construction in any of the tourist destination.

  1. construction sectors:

You are all better familiar with the economic status of the country which shows the climbing stairs of person but not reached the final destination. Nepal has many constructive m= works going on and many are in the close mode due to lack of constructors. If you have gusto and are a zeal to operate and mobilize the resources and can finish the works in times, then you can invest in this sectors also because you will not felt h scarcity of labor, though it is the country full of labor and skilled manpower too.

  1. Education:

It is also one of them to make confirm the asked question where to invest in Nepal. Due to the construction and designation of the country territory, you will not feel difficulty to invest even in this sectors. If you come with modern thought and cultural education w having humanity motifs and environmental support and teaching by eth international teacher and lectures, then you can easily gain the popularity in short period of time.