We’re all guilty of spending a lot of time on our phones, scrolling through various apps and looking at content. Instagram in particular is one of the most used social media platforms across the globe. It is estimated that 73% of Americans aged 13 to 24 are on Instagram with an estimated 55 million uploads to the platform per week. We roughly spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram, whilst that doesn’t seem like a huge amount, this quickly adds up over time. Instead of aimlessly scrolling why not get paid for scrolling and posting instead?

Become an Affiliate

You may think that being an affiliate means you have to have over a 200,000 following on Instagram, this is absolutely not the case. If you find a brand or an item that you like and reflects your personal values, why not approach them? You could be paid to represent their organisation on your feed whilst supporting the business and products you love! This method of product marketing is becoming more widespread across the platform.  As website Social10x suggests, you would market other companies’ products to your followers and receive a cut from anything that you sell

Have A Virtual Company

Whilst this sounds like a tricky one, if you have designed your own clothing line, jewelry or other physical consumables, why not utilize the drop shipping method. This process will work for people who don’t make their own products but have suppliers that do. Cut yourself as the distributor out of the equation and ship directly from the source. Build your Instagram page around your products, your niche and low shipping costs. The drop shipping method can increase your profit margins and will also appeal to a wider consumer base as you will have reduced your shipping costs but kept your profit margins.

Create your own Artisan Store

If you create your own products from scratch such as handmade jewelry, art or any other physical artisan product, why not create a business page for your products? Artisan products are loved the world over and if you have a very good market niche you will be able to monetize your Instagram account. You need to target consumers with disposable income and utilize the platforms many features such as stories and direct links to you page. You could also look to pull consumers in who like your products and ask them to be affiliates!

Sell Your Instagram Account

If you have spent the last few years curating your Instagram and have gained thousands of followers in the process, you can look to sell your account. The rates that are paid are determined through structured analysis of the accounts, such as reach, content and overall page statistics. This is a good method if you want to leave your account and start afresh! There are multiple organisations on the internet that will pay well for a good Instagram account with a large customer base and reach.

Become an Influencer

With anything that involves marketing or selling, knowing your audience and having a solid market segment or niche is key. If you think that this is something that you have, then why not monetize this opportunity. An influencer is all about being passionate about something and making other people passionate too. Look to create a business page, use popular hashtags that relate to your subject matter, choose the best images and make sure to constantly update your content. If you choose this route, you need to look at investing time into this method earning. Structured content is the key, with prime posting times helping you maximize your reach and audience. Keep engaging with content that reflects your image and values reach out to other influencers and look to collaborate


Fundamentally, Instagram is a platform for digital media with photography at its operational core. If you think you have a certain knack for photography or videography, why not look to sell your content.  If you want to sell the licence to your photographs, there are organisations out there who will pay well for good quality images. You could also look to sell prints of your images using the drop shipping method if you aren’t happy selling the licences.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are the new marketing technique big businesses and small start-ups are using to reach more customers. These organisations have learnt that people buy from people they like and can increase their product reach by sponsoring content. Organisations will pay to sponsor content that reflects their market segment and niche, all you have to do is keep posting content you are passionate about. This can generate a large amount of income as sponsored posts aren’t as visceral as ads and companies are beginning to understand that consumers are also marketing tools, so why not capitalize on this?


Instagram is a platform like no other; it’s one of the few places where you can monetize your passion and be able to generate a secure income stream without having to do the 9-5 Monday to Friday in the office. The key to this is to thoroughly explore your market, secure your segment and know your niche! Once all these things are in place you can begin to not only expand your following but monetize your content and sell your products. Keep your content fresh, engage with like-minded individuals or organisation on a regular basis to keep your profile visible.

If you have spent the last few years creating a well-rounded Instagram following and page and you no longer wish to manage it, you can look to sell your page to an organisation. Whilst the payment is depending on the statistics, you can be remunerated well. Fundamentally, you don’t need 100,000 plus followers to monetize your account, all you need is a clear passion, good content and an understanding of your audience. This way you can get sponsored posts or even become and influencer. The possibilities really are endless.