“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” -Dalai Lama

Questions and answers:

  1. What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally? – Being a Doctor by profession, empathy towards patients, care & kindness for each person i meet makes me a enthusiastic person with each coming day. So, Passionate about learning more to give back more to the community.
  2. What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it? – There is a saying, don’t run after money, if you are capable and Deserving enough, money will automatically run after you. – A Doctor’s life is for serving.
  3. What are you surprisingly good at? – Convincing and counseling People when they are at Bad mood. May be, I m not sure. Haha.
  4. Can you share some of your life remembering moments? – Being there at the Top of the world, Mount Everest base camp. – Working for females in the central jail kathmandu about menstrual and mental Health.
  5. How long have you been working in your field? – As a doctor , I have been working in Army Hospital for about 1 year. Besides that I am working for various INGO’s in the sector of Women Health and empowerment.
  6. How does your education connect to your professional career? What about personal experiences? – Studying MBBS for almost 5.5 years taught me patience, Power of dedication, hardwork, and made me a strong person who can deal with every circumstances calmly. – Those late night studies and feeling of ‘yes I can do’ were the ones that helped me grow and become a better person.
  7. Did you accidently join this career or you choose from childhood? – Like everyone, i used to say I want to become a Doctor. But then by time, when I saw the situation of health in our country while visiting some of the rural areas of nepal, I took a decision to become one and Help these sufferers in Health sector.
  8. What are your goals for next 10 years? – My long term vision is that I want to establish Health clinics and Health posts where we can give service free of cost in the rural areas of Nepal where people face difficulties reaching hospitals.
  9. What was the biggest hurdle you faced when working for your career and how you overcame it? – Life is always a challenge, overcoming those challenges and making your path smoother through those challenges makes You who you are today. So , I overcame those hurdles through my clear vision, being loyal to myself and my work.
  10. Your biggest failure? – Some Bad decisions in life, some regrets in life, some heartbreaks in life, some tuff times in life. These things are there in everyone’s life as no one is perfect. But I faced those circumstances , worked on my mistakes, with a smile on my face and made it my lessons for life.
  11. Whom do you give all the credit for your success? – Parents are always at the top, my mentors, my loved ones, my criticizers, my haters may be. Everyone played an equal role in making me the strong hardworking person i am today.
  12. What things build you? what are the qualities that all should have to be successful in their career? – Lessons i learned from my bad decisions, from my mistakes and my failures has built me,so that i can stand tall like a pillar. – We cannot get success in one day, a person should be loyal to himself and his work, and his continuous hardwork, not giving up , consistently are all the factors needed to become one successful person.
  13. What is the biggest dream you have? – Finding happiness in small things, making my parents happy, Growing with each coming day, and always being there for those who needs me, makes me a big person. Yes, This is my dream to satisfy my soul by spreading happiness everywhere i go.
  14. What’s your biggest accomplishment which you can tell us till now? – Being a Doctor itself is a biggest achievement, Empowering almost 3000 women of rural Nepal reaching almost 100 villages about Menstrual hygiene awareness. – 1st one in Nepal to install sanitary pad vending machines reaching almost 50 schools till now. – working for Cancer patients through Nepal cancer relief society – Going to United states this october to receive HUMANITARIAN AWARD in international award function by Hall of Fame, in New Jersy for my contribution toward the society.
  15. What you suggest to youths who want to join in similar career as you? – I genuinely do not suggest anyone to join a similar career like me, It your choice and interest. Do what you want to do, Master in your own field . Be so Good in your own field that every person loves you for that, appreciate you, want to be around you. Give a positivity to whoever you meet. – Be yourself, don’t ever choose a particular field just to be fake. Believe in yourself. Be true. – because Hardwork always beats talent.