Dr Ram Sharan Mahat is a senior leader of Nepali Congress,a central committee member and former joint secretary.He represents a rare combination of an active politician and a technocrat.He has been Nepal’s Finance Minister six times since 1994 and prior to that Deputy Chairman of the National Planning Commission. He is credited for his role in ushering liberal economic reforms in Nepal.During his stints as Finance Minister, he was elected chairman of the IMF/World Bank board of governors in 1998/99 and was awarded Finance Minister of the Year 2016 Global and Asia Pacific by The Bankers magazine of the Financial Times group,London for his role in mobilizing global financial support in the aftermath of Nepal’s 2015 massive earthquake and for the country’s exemplary macro economic management.

Born in 1951 in Nuwakot district of Nepal,he was political activist since early student days and imprisoned several times by the autocratic Panchayat regime.He was elected general secretary of Nepal Students Union, the largest student organization, affiliated to Nepali Congress.

His professional career includes high school headmaster, university teacher and international civil servant. He served UNDP office in Nepal,Pakistan and New York headquarters.He resigned the UN job to join politics after restoration of democracy in 1990.
He contributes frequently to journals and newspapers and authored books including the much acclaimed In Defense of Democracy(2005).

He also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in K P Bhhatari cabinet in 1999/2000.