1. LalBabu Pandit:

He is also one of the honest politicians has come up from the grass root by struggling. He has become twice minister in Oli’s government but has not still their own house in Ktm. He likes to live a simple life and takes politics as changing the system and making it more work friendly. And towards that, he has done very much. He wins from Morag -6 but born in Sarlahi. He got popularity when has started action against the residency holder that permanent foreign residence holder has no right to vote in Nepal.

lalbabu pandit Nepali Politician
Lalbabu Pandit- Nepali Politician

Moreover, he also becomes popular by bringing the strict rule for a government employee to do their duty strictly and honestly in time. Moreover, he has also stopped the services of providing the money to govt. employees after retirement. Due to his nationalistic works, he has become popular and no marks of corruption lift him up in speed.

2. Baburam Bhattarai:

Personally, he is honest politicians but he has not done as the public has expected from him. As he has even worked as prime minister but not a great changed he has brought. So in short, we can say him the successful failure. He has batted the war with Prachand for 10 years leaving underground now has opened his own party. Baburam Bhattarai born in Gorkha and even wins from their hometown. He has done Ph.D. from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.

Baburam Bhattrai
Baburam Bhattrai

As he is very talented in the study by teenage has achieved the success but not able to contribute something great to Nepalese. Forming the new party, Naya Shakti, working as president make him more powerful and seems eager to do something in Nepal which is in the invisible paper. He has even written many books.

3. Rabindra Mishra:

Rabindra Mishra was the popular journalist of Nepal working in BBC and taken almost the interview of all the topper leader. His speaking styles and straight question asking with dar to leaders has made him more popular. While he was doing journalism, there was not anyone in his comparison but now he has quieted all their journalism sector and jumped into the politics to changes the direction and designation of Nepal. He becomes irritated and aggressive by seeing the character of politicians and deceptive economic growth and movement of the country.

Rabindra Mishra - Nepali Politician
Rabindra Mishra – Nepali Politician

Therefore, he has self-started the BibeksheelSajha party but none of his representatives have won in 2074 election. Due to his honest nature and speaking actions, he has become the star of many youths and struggling to established self in the politics with their hard practice and interaction with people. He has also gained good fame in writing books and poems.

4. Binod Chaudhary:

Binod Chaudhary is also included in the list of honest politicians because no scars of corruption have been stamped in his political career. As he is popular and billionaire businessman of Nepal, he has his own large wealth and does politics just as the passion not for a profession. He has also good image as social servicer in Nepal as he has contributed 2 lakh dollar in a destructive earthquake.

Binod Chaudhary BusinessMan in Nepal
Binod Chaudhary

Binod Chaudhary has even become the member of parliament from the communist party but now has joined the Nepali Congress. He is the chairman of Chaudhary group which has a conglomerate of more than 80 company regarding all the sector. According to the report of Forbes 2018, he is listed in 1460 billionaire in the world single from Nepal. Through Chaudhary foundation, he is contribution large number of social programs.

5. Gagan Thapa:

Gagan Thapa is the icon of youth and a motivational figure for youth who hates politics. He has kissed the great peak of success in politics as becoming the ministry of health and population at a very teenage. He gains more popularity by bringing a lot of changes in the health sector like as providing free dialysis to a cancer patient, providing them monthly 5000 rupees for surviving.

Gagan Thapa

More than this, he is young, energetic, intelligent and more highlighted figure and politician of Nepal belongs to Congress. He is also known as the honest politicians of Nepal as he has started politics from student age reached to the top level. Many Nepalese even sees him as the future prime minister of Nepal. He is also a current member of legislature Parliament of Nepal from the Kathmandu constituency No. 4. Due to his honest identity, he has built a good image in the public of Nepal.

6. Narayan Man Bijukchhe:

He is also one of the honest leaders of Nepal which can be known for his clean political practice. He is the single person who wins in his party. He has also lifted up through different kinds of struggle and charges in their political career. He has also started his politics from his student life and won many times. He wins from Nepal Workers and Peasants Party.

Narayan Man Bijukchhe - Nepali Politician
Narayan Man Bijukchhe – Nepali Politician

His party mainly raise the voice of workers and lower class people. He speaks on the behalf of workers and their rights and their improvement of standardization. After his long politics practice, he has decided to quit the politics by not participating in the election held in 2018. Due to his corruption-free politics, he is also popular in his area and received respect from the leaders of another party too.

7. Yuvraj Khatiwada:

He is known as the intelligent political leader in the current situation as he is holding the ministry of finance with great responsibility. Throwing the lights on his career, he has completed successfully his tenure two times as governor of Nepal. He is a great economist two and had worked as vice chair of the national planning commission.

Yuvraj Khatiwada
Yuvraj Khatiwada

Due to his long experience and well standard, he is serving the ministry of fianancé. He has also a good image in politics due to no scars of corruption has been marked in their working period.

8. Prakash Man Singh:

He is also one of the top leaders of Nepal and has also worked as deputy prime minister and minister of federalism as well as minister of local development. He has also the long paper of politics journey. He is also the top leaders of the Nepali Congress. He is contested from Kathmandu 4 from where he has fought with Ravindra Mishra and defeated him with very low margin.

Prakash Man Singh Nepali Politician
Prakash Man Singh Nepali Politician

He has also tested the many defeat in politics ground. But due to his good grip in his area, he has started the winning series after winning once in 1996. He has played a great role in politics and maintains the good image in politics having no marks of corruption.

9. Bidhya Devi Bhandari:

In a democratic country, it is seen that the president mostly keeps silent and he or she is beyond from the political debate. The post president is a non-disputed post. Therefore, the president of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari has also neat political career from losing his husband Madan Bhandari. She has become twice the president of Nepal but not single impeachment of corruption has been filed against her.

president of Nepal Bidya Deva bhandari
president of Nepal – Bidya Deva Bhandari

Bidhya Devi Bhandari has also joined the politics in e student life. She belongs to Bhojpur. She has also a long graph of political struggle stories which has now turned into her success stories by becoming the president of Nepal. She has played a great role in forming the impact of the communist party in eastern Nepal from where she born.

10. Onsari Gharti Magar:

Onsari Gharti Magar is also the daring girl earned fame in politics struggling from jungle to parliament. She was the commander of her troops of communist warrior struggled underground in the leadership of PushpaKamarDahal. She was speaker of the constituent assembly of Nepal from 2015 to 2018 January 19.

Onsari Gharti Magar Nepali Politician
Onsari Gharti Magar – Nepali Politician

She is also the wife of Barshaman pun who is the secretary of the communist party of Nepal and former finance minister. Onsari GhartiMagar has also been elected as the minister of youth and sports in the cabinet of JhalnathKhanal. She wins from Rolpa in the current constituent assembly. So she is also treated as the honest leader of Nepal.

So, my dear friends, I have enlisted these politicians in a category of honest. Maybe you have your own list. This list is not official of any organization. The list may differ from you. So, if you agree with this, you can share this post. If you have your own list, then you can share with us. Thank you.