1. Scorpio:

It is one of highly and majority purchased the car of Nepal which have made everyone influenced by it’s design, mileage and interior construction of seats and everything. It is nine-seater and seven-seaters and it has won the heart of every Nepalese. Therefore it has occupied the majority percent of Nepalese market. Nepalese market and Nepalese customer have made it first choice due to its financial services and extreme light and designed modal. It makes anyone happy and pleased after viewing. It has made the people more easy to travel even the little long family up to seven to ten members to long distance.

mahindra Scorpio
mahindra Scorpio

It is the product of the great manufacturer of India that is Mahindra and Mahindra. It is one of the largest brands and manufacturer in India and it produces bike, tractor, and four wheeler.  It has occupied the largest market and achieved good feedback by the Nepalese due to it’s extreme and better performance. It is available in Nepal at the cost of 3600000 to 5800000. Mahindra has launched the Scorpio in every model installing various facilities and devices and services and function. Scorpio is launched in Nepal with various stylish and design and models like s2,s4,s4+,s6,s6+,s10,s10+ and normal too.

It is differentiated on the basis of design and outlooks and mileage and other function too. Nepalese have made it’s the first choice to purchase as it’s cost low in comparison to others and it also provides the customer maximum satisfaction having fewer maintenances expenses.   Due to seven seats and nine-seat easy to make the travel by carrying all the members of family easily and can be made their installation of function like AC and other according to their choice.

2. Tata Sumo :

It is also one of the most preferred car of Nepal because it has made the many customers satisfied by providing the services and fulfilled the riding of a car at very low cost. It is available in Nepal at the cost of Rs. 2900000 only. A comparison with other, it has very low price including the seven and nine seats in SUV models. It is the great manufacturer of TATA motors of India.  Tata is one of the largest

brands in the sectors of automobiles. Tata has made many Nepalese dreams true by, launching the SUV car at the very low price. It has high mileage and guarantees the high resale values. It announces the vacancy of resale and the purchased will be made it’s branches or showroom after five buy riding deducting  25% only.  In the Nepal’s, we can see the most of ambulance are registered and run are it’s examples. It also provides the pleasure of highly incentive and highly treated to win your choice and eager.

Tata Sumo Gold
Tata Sumo Gold

It gives you new hope and new gift in every occasion that can make you more eager and intentional to buy another one but conducting so will be your wrong decision. Nepalese roads also take the pressure of it and have tasted the taste of it’s Tyre. It gives you high interest to purchase it and it is designed in normal outlooks having appreciational functions installed inside it.  A person can seat up to seven people very comfortably without any tightness and troubles. Tat sump have also made their own identity in Nepalese market with their own footprints of features in the mind of Nepalese and in the land of Nepalese market.

3. Tata Safari Storme:

It is also the one of the most practiced and moved the car of Nepal in Nepalese road. It is also one of the highly loveable and purchased cars of Nepal. It is also the popular car which makes the purchase popular after buying. It is the manufacturer of Tata motors. In Nepal, it cost about  Rs. 4500000 of the 2*4 model and 4*4 cost about Rs. 5800000 having gear bag. It is exclusively designed and completed in highly shine features with extreme mileage of 18 per km. it has also the capacity of seven to nine seats. And it is one of the most favorite cars of Nepalese person having the unique outlets.

Tata Safari Storme
Tata Safari Storme

It is the family car mostly taken and purchase with this intention but person uses it according to their necessity. This car made purchaser the fan and had made his impress in SUV features with the embarrassing performance in highway as well as in rude rode.tat is ownself the established brand of India as well as in Nepal by its own specific features and attracts the customer for taking the benefit of the newly launched car. It not only deals with services and pleasure of proving the customer delightful journey but also consists the high resale value while buying at or after five or ten years after started to feel bored and change in time.

4. Tucson:

It is the product of Hyundai which is one of the international car manufacturer deals with features of luxurious taglines, upgrading and peaching the rider in respect. Car of this company is usually cost high price and is expensive than other companies but it has =high prestige and good status in the market, do not compromise in quality providence.  It is one of the high-level cars mostly ride by the rich person or high-level person having four-seats only. Due to features consisting, makes mostly the rich man attracting and they are interested to ride on it.

Tucson Car

As there are many rich people in Nepal, it has also taken the market very well and made their own image to make the rider more prestigious.  In Nepal, it’s priced starts at Rs. 6000000 and above too. It is produced and arrived in the market in the various model. The company Hyundai have launched it by targeting the high-class customer who is most passionate to ride the car. The car is also the matter of increasing the prestigious. Tucson rider is respectable due to its popularity.  Tucson makes the man popular by its status and image and brand that it had to get from the people satisfaction.

5. Pajero:

It is the one of the high class and most purchased car of Nepal and it has given more services to the organization. As it is the company of Japan and we know that Japan has zero defects and zero breakdowns and zero wastage. It is the product of Toyota. Pajero is also the expensive car in Nepal. Therefore, it is not mostly purchased by every group. It has made mostly the high-class people and especially the organization. The organization targets it more due to its strongness and strength of mileage and models.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Car

It has also very comfortable and highly magnified models having the strong confrontation . the customer is very much confidence while purchasing the car of Toyota. Toyota has made many customers satisfied and also able to grab the high resale value with high respect. It is the brands that makes the customer happy and glad. In Nepal, it’s price starts at Rs. 6500000 and above. The company have launched and brought it’s various model in Nepalese market to make the customer impress. Its looks are designed in normal mode but its external features are a designer in a heavy mode including the luxurious seats which gives you pleased feeling.

6. Duster:

It is the brand of Nissan which has the impact many Nepalese customers by its normal model and shining outlooks. The customer is more interested to buy it due to recent launch in Nepalese market. It has four seats with delightful mode and having average features. The company has launched it by analyzing the income and choice of Nepalese people, the company said. It has its own features and the stunning looks in different colors make the customer happier and more eager to purchase it.

Duster  Car
Duster Car

It is very suitable for small family launched in SUV models. As it has only four seats, have made the customer something confused and reluctance  but after considering its internal and external features, they become excited to buy with eagerness.  It has not the high price and not low can be purchased by anyone who is passionate to ride car as it cost about Rs.  3500000. Car rider does not show and looks more confusion and effect they have the rapture of buying the car that has made him or her extremely happy. Above are the popular car of Nepal who has made their own capturing and regime on the road of Nepal.