Supriya is an award-winning, performance driven, customer
experience transformation specialist and corporate trainer with a
decade’s experience in elevating companies ranging from SMEs to
multi-billion dollar MNCs and positioning them for success, in a
variety of geographical locations such as Africa, Asia, Europe and
North America. She possesses a techno-commercial background
with progressive hands-on experience in the entire gamut of
management across diversified industrial segments.
As a sought after strategy consultant, she is recognised for consistent success in
enhancing bottom line while developing the processes and procedures to
streamline business operations and representation. She has the knack of being able
to see the ‘big picture’ while staying on top of minute details. In addition, she is a
popular face as a keynote speaker at internationally reputable conferences and
seminars. Her recent book ‘A Cup of Success’ has been topping the charts.


  1. What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?
    I am passionate about touching lives. It may manifest itself in a variety of forms. Professionally, I am
    passionate about helping companies create experiences that customer would love to remember. Personally,
    nurturing entrepreneurs is what excites me.
  2. What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
    Exactly what I am doing in personal and professional life now.
  3. What are you surprisingly good at?
    Public speaking and mathematics 🙂
  4. Can you share some of your life remembering moments?
    In academic life, the most memorable moment was the result of Grade XII when I topped with 97% .
    In professional life, incorporation of my first company in West Africa was a striking milestone.
  5. How long have you been working in your field?
    Almost a decade.
  6. How does your education connect to your professional career? What about personal experiences?
    I am an aerospace engineer by basic qualification, followed by entrepreneurship studies at one of the Ivy
    League institutions of India. This was adorned with an MBA degree in USA & EU. Also, I have recently been
    conferred an honorary doctorate. In a nutshell, my academic background has given me an intellectual and
    experiential edge in the corporate world.
  7. Did you accidently join this career or you choose from childhood?
    It was not from childhood that I knew I was going to be a customer experience advocate, but I was sure that I
    was going to do something that touches lives.
  8. What are your goals for next 10 years?
    ‘Make a Difference’ is what guides me through.
  9. What was the biggest hurdle you faced when working for your career and how you overcame it?
    A major obstacle would always be the pessimistic people around you who would resist change, just play your
    positive music louder than theirs and you shall achieve great heights.
  10. Your biggest failure?
    The word ‘failure’ does not exist in my dictionary because it is merely a state of mind that puts you in the
    reverse gear. Always remember in life, the opposite of success is not failure. If you have not succeeded at
    something, it doesn’t mean that you have failed. A task that you take up which results in unsatisfactory results
    is not a failure, it is an opportunity to put in extra effort and do better the next time.
  11. Whom do you give all the credit for your success?
    Credit goes to my mom who is my pillar of strength. Any number of heavy or fancy words would be too little
    to describe how she has shaped me who I am today.
  12. What things build you? what are the qualities that all should have to be successful in their career?
    I have authored a book named ‘A Cup of Success’ which talks about the 84 ingredients or qualities that a
    person must possess in order to be successful. The one that’s dearest and paramount to me is character.
  13. What is the biggest dream you have?
    I am not into dreaming as dreams are what we see when we are asleep, some of them come true and some
    don’t. I believe in having a vision which constantly motivates me to move to the next level with a plan of
  14. What’s your biggest accomplishment which you can tell us till now?
    Everyday is an accomplishment. There are few stardust sprinkled days which are associated with great feats in
    one’s life and rest are the days when the work is in progress, the fact remains, we triumph each day. Your
    perception is what matters. I pride myself with the trust and respect of my clients, acquaintances, friends and
    family members.
  15. What you suggest to youths who want to join in similar career as you?
    Persist and your hard work shall pay off.