Women With Vision

Chairing the ceremony, Bhagwati Chaudhary, Former State Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation, Government of Nepal, shared how women in Nepal are politically discriminated and gave insightful opinions on how their they can be brought forward. “Nepali society, law and culture have been playing a role to bar women from moving forward. Traditional culture and lack of equal rights for women by the law of Nepal is hindering the progress of women,” she shared. She also talked about the issues of women and the violences against women in Nepal.

Also a member of the Parliament in the first Constituent Assembly of Nepal, she shared how the first constituent Assembly was very inclusive with people from all religions, classes, castes and every other category, but because of lack of political will, the participation of women in the second Constituent Assembly fell to mere 24%.

“Though women hold 51% of the total population of Nepal, they are nowhere to be seen in leadership positions in different organizations. Even in those organizations that are solely for women, board of directors and other seniormost positions are held by men only,” she lamented.

She also expressed dissatisfaction on the new citizenship law as formulated in the new constitution of Nepal not being implemented yet.

Talking about her own self, she shared how her family itself didn’t support for her higher education, instead tried to marry her off.

She also pointed out how the lack of female teachers in schools is also causing problems for girls in continuing their education.

Concluding her speech, she said that there is a lack of women involvement in various policy-making sectors in the nation. “An strategical vision is needed for changing the scenario,” she added.

Source Glocalkhabar