At the age of 19 years, she started the online shopping portal Urban Girl. It was hard to manage time for the study while running the business, but she managed to take both the things forward simultaneously.

In the programme, she shared how she was fearful to not to let her parents know about her works. “Only much later did I show my parents of me being featured in the papers and magazines for the good work that my company was doing,” she said, adding “that was the first information to them that I owned a business and had been working besides studying. They were very proud of my work that time. I cannot forget that moment.”

“In doing business, I easily got support from my family and the society and now I feel like the society supports to those who really want to do something,” she said. “Nepali society has provided that environment to me, and I also have gotten supports from my peers,” she added.

Started not long ago by 2 people and themselves as the working staffs, the company now has grown to 26 people working together, in a space of 2200 sq. feet in New Baneswor.

Now, in her company, more than 80% of the employees are girls and they themselves do all the major works. In UG cakes, they have also started to provide trainings to women bakers, making more women economically independent.