Women With Vision

Talking on the occasion, Bhushal shared that women these days are far more privileged than those in earlier times.

“But, there is still a need for change in the mindset of men along with the change in their behaviour. Most of the time, male staffs in any organization don’t even bother to appreciate the efforts put by women in the organization,” she said. “Though the number of women team players in the corporate sector is increasing, the situation about the number of team leaders is not just like that.”

Giving a reference to the women leading the Silicon Valley tech giants, she said that it’s only Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook who is a noticeable figure. “Rest of the companies have not even bothered to appoint women in leadership positions,” she said. She also added that out of the total of 190 nation states in the world, in only 9 countries have women leading as the head of the state.

Source Glocalkhabar