Women With Vision

Born in Dolakha, studying till the 10th class was the greatest of challenge for Upreti that time.

After completing SLC, her brother brought her to Kathmandu, and she joined management courses at the Pashupati College in Chabhil.

After 1 year of coming to Kathmandu, at the age of 15, she got a teaching job in a School with 2100 as salary. Needing to pay a house rent of Rs. 1400 per month, she also started teaching tuition classes to the children to sustain her life in Kathmandu.

Later, she got a job in the National Disabled Fund. And, that was the time when her dreams and goals in her life changed. “I got so much inspired after hearing the stories of the disabled children, and felt that my problems and challenges were nothing compared to theirs,” She shared. “The children with autism were inhumanely dealt at that time. They were mostly chained and locked inside a closed room, and were often found eating their own excreta to fight the extreme hunger,” she said.

Then after she started to dream of being solely dedicated to this sector. She later went to India to get trained for 6 months on starting the school for disabled. In the year 2010, she managed to collect Rs. 5 lakhs by persuading her family and relatives to provide her the money for the cause, instead of giving dowry in her wedding, and formally started the school. Currently, 45 children with autism study in the school located in Pepsicola.

In addition, she has also launched an autism awareness campaign in Nepal.

Two children from the school have already been to Australia to present their success stories amidst a conference and she has also been awarded on 3 different occasions for her work.

These days, her mom reminisces the day Upreti was born as the happiest day in her life.

Source: Glocalkhabar