Sangee Shrestha (1978) is Freelance Visual Artist. She did her B.F.A from Fine Art College and received Master Degree in History and Archeology from T.U. Sangee’s works satirize the human hypocrisy and give stress to the value of inner feelings like love, hate, joy and jealousy. To assume the mask of supremacy and fake personality,
Sangee Shrestha’s paintings break the linear surface of the things with the use of geometric shapes particularly the rectangles, squares and polygons suggesting the depth and fourth dimension. She attempts to dig out the invisible corners of human expressions. Furthermore by breaking the natural order with geometric shapes, she implies mechanization and fragmentation of contemporary world. She presents such critiques of the contemporary society through her works. She always explores and analyzes the invisible dark sides of human condition.
She has done Solo Exhibition ‘Abyakta Abhibyaktiharu’ at Siddhartha Art Gallery in Kathmandu. She has taken part more than 200 various group Exhibitions and projects around the country and internationally. She has been participated 7th Beijing International Art Biennale / Sympos in China (2017) and 16th Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh (2014). Art Exhibition in Yukung Art Museum’, Korea.(2018)etc.
She has been honoured with National Award – 2075 in contemporary art by
National Academy of Fine Art (2018), Special Award in contemporary Art by National Academy of Fine Art (2015), Best Young Artist Award by Bhadra Kumari Sewa Sadan (2014) and ‘Araniko National Youth Art Award, Gold Medal’,( for excellence in modern art contributions to Development on art in Nepal) by Araniko Yuva Kosh (2010). Best Painting Award on Painting category by Camlin Art Foundation, India 2007. Besides Painting she works in installation, multimedia. She was worked as art instructors, illustrator and cartoonist. She has written articles about art in various newspaper and
magazines. She is Vice President and Founder member of Women Artist Group of Nepal (WAGON), Founder Member of Lalitkala Literature Society and Nepal Art Critics Society.

Question – Answer
By Sangee Shrestha

  1. What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?
    I am in creative field. Creativity is everything for me. In upcoming days, I want my creation to convey
    messages against social inconsistency and ills more strongly.
  2. What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
    I think money is not everything. The biggest achievement in life is Self satisfaction. Nothing feels so
    important than self satisfaction.
  3. What are you surprisingly good at?
    I feel that I am dedicated, loyal on work and hardworking too.
  4. Can you share some of your life remembering moments?
    In 2009 AD, I was preparing for my Solo Painting Exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery. The world
    was suffering from economic recession at that time. Nepali painting market had been also affected
    from it. Paintings left unsold at the galleries. My art style was unique as well, so gallery owner was
    anxious to held my Solo Exhibition at that period of time. However, just a day before the exhibition,
    three of my big paintings got sold out when placed to display. I still feel overwhelmed when I
    remember that event.
    Art Biennale is the core for the promotion of art trends within the art world. I felt very proud when I
    came to know from exhibition opening reception that it was my painting which was selected for the
    2017 AD Beijing Art Biennale. And I was the first artist of Nepal to be representing my country in
    Beijing Art Biennale. That amazing moment brings me more positive energy to work ahead.
  5. How long have you been working in your field?
    I was into drawing and painting since my childhood days. My journey as a professional artist started
    from 1995 AD.
  6. How does your education connect to your professional career? What about personal
    My major was ‘Fine Arts ‘ from Lalitkala Campus. So obviously it connects to my professional
  7. Did you accidently join this career or you choose from childhood?
    In my early days, the art had no scope. Even it was difficult to access drawing materials easily. It
    was very odd to pursue art as career because a career in fine arts was inherently unconventional at
    those days. But I used to enjoy arts from my childhood days. When I completed my schooling and I
    got to know Lalitkala Campus offered Fine Arts as course subject, I felt I was very near to my
    dreams getting fulfilled. I made a firm decision to study Fine Arts and no other subjects as its
    alternative. The reason why I am here living the life of my dreams.
  8. What are your goal for next 10 years?
    I want my art works to be powerful medium for social change.
  9. What was the biggest hurdle you faced when working for your career and how you
    overcame it?
    Life is all about ups and downs. Learning and riding between these ups and downs by facing it with
    patience and hardwork and recognizing the weakness that can be corrected helps make a fresh
    start. These moments define our susceptibility to the lows and making the ups so worthwhile.
  10. Your biggest failure?
    I am an optimist. Every people go through hard days in their life. Success is walking from failure to
    developing the unrelenting determination to win, revealing the creativeness in oneself and working
    patiently with full dedication until we reach the goal.
  11. Whom do you give all the credit for your sucess?
    Before marriage, my parents. And now my husband. Also to the opportunities that crossed my path
    and to my art-lovers, art-critics etc.
  12. What things build you? what are the qualities that all should have to be successful in
    their career?
    I am learning from the processes of life. They have taught me to where I am today. I can say that
    enjoying the process of life: who is being loyal to work, dedication, believe in own self, hardworking
    and ability to know the life… It makes to hold the success easily.
  13. What is the biggest dream you have?
    I don’t have a big dream. I wish to always do hardwork and enjoy with work. I want to convey social
    issues through my art to national and international platform.
  14. What’s your biggest accomplishment which you can tell us till now?
    I believe that there should be originality in creation. Also our inner soul should reflect upon the
    creation. From warm and welcoming feedbacks from art lovers and art critics of in and out of
    country, its make me feel that I am able to give my unique identity in art world. Because of these
    factors, I have also participated as Nepal’s representative to different art programs in different
    countries. In my 2 and half decade’s art journey, I have been awarded and honoured for my talent
    and my contributions from different organizations. I am proud and humble that my dedication and
    efforts gave me quite an advantage in my career now.
  15. What you suggest to youths who want to join in similar career as you?
    This is a creative field. Positive attitude, believing in one self, patience, dedication, hardwork are the
    essence of successful professional life and career. I would like to suggest the youths who want to
    find a career in this field is to believe in oneself, trust the instincts one have, never lose oneself in
    the career and strive until you meet your aim.