Women With Vision

Tuladhar started the session sharing about the experiences from her first job.

“At the age of 21, I joined job with a salary of Rs. 2500. And, at the age of 25, I had been earning Rs. 5000,” she said about her early days of joining the job.

She also shared how both of her parents empowered their children, both daughters, and made them to understand the business they owned, the market and making decisions on taking it further.

In the programme, she expressed her dissatisfaction on comparing girls to boys as really a wrong idea, referring a Nepali culture where people often say “Chhori bhayera pani kasto chhora jastai” i.e. she is a daughter but so manly.

She once went to work in a rural village in Rukum district in the Midwestern region of Nepal and was shocked to see the entire village being run by women.

After her return from there, the eyes of society towards her changed and everyone took her as a courageous lady.

“It took me a whole lot of courage and support to reach where I am now,” she said.

In the programme, she also shared that the professional notion of office hours i.e. 9:00-05:00 needs to be changed. “We need to come out of this boundary to be successful,” she said. She also added that the business organizations need to be more flexible to the women and their issues, with flexible hours.

“For every person, the mission, vision and goals are very important to succeed and flourish and reach the position one aspire to. Integrity, hard work, intelligence, empathy and understanding the problems of others and the habit of coming out of the comfort zone are essential to succeed,” she concluded.

Source: Glocalkhabar