Suchitra Thapa Life is beautiful,with all the odds and even,lets make our planet beautiful for all.

1.What are you most passionate about professionally ?personally ?
I was most passionate about my work,during my on my business,It must show outstanding result.Personally also I work
hard to meet the goal.

2.What would you do even if you did’nt get paid to do it ?
I worked as a volunteer in many places with my organization.I will take it as volunteer service.

3.What are you surprisingly good at ?
making friends of all ages,and to far off places.

4.Can you share some of your life remembering moments ?
on 2012/2013 L/Y we organized health camp in Bangsing,Syanja.We did eye camp also,we got patients suffering from cataract
10 persons,on the same day we have to bring them to Himalayan Eye hospital,as we have taken vehicle to bring them for free
operation with food medicine everything.nine others were ready,an old man who could not see,both the eyes has cataract,he was not wiling to come,it took much time to convince him.At last he agreed,I had to come with them,on that particular vehicle,I got very scared if he refuses to come in between,after six hours of drive we reached lately to hospital.On third day after operation he can see clearly from both eyes,when we went to meet him,he has all the praise for us,he gave me lots of blessing.Tears rolled down the eyes,this moment I always remember in my life. long have you been working in your field ?
From last twenty eight years in education field.I am working.In social sector from last fifteen years.

6.How does your education connect to your professional career ? What about your personal experience ?My education enhance my capacity in my career,as a language,depth of knowledge,clarity and helped me groom in every aspect of my life.As my personal experience I thank my teachers,parents,surroundings whereI grew up as a child,with there teaching which helped me to understand the life’s journey.

7.Did you accidentally join this career or you choose from childhood ?
Neither I joined accidentally nor I choose from childhood,As per necessary I started taking tuition classes,I enjoy teaching students,and joined teaching career.

8.What are your goal for next 10 years ?
My goal is to reached to top level of leadership in my district 325 B1,which has twelve thousand plus members,as a District

9.What was the biggest hurdle you faced when working for your career and how you overcome it ?
Biggest hurdle,was while doing your best you will gather lots of critiques,lots of faults this and that,which I took as a best advise to improve,it really did best to overcome it.

10.Your biggest failure ?
Trusting all,caused me a lots in my career.

11.Whom do you give all the credits for your success ?
I give credits to my parents,myself,my spouse,and my family.

12.What things build you ?What are the qualities that all should have to be successful in their career ?
The hardship which I faced that helped.A disciplinary routine of daily life,certainly will benefit all.

13.What is the biggest dream you have ?
I have already a New Voices Semifinalist in Lions Clubs International.In international arena.My dream is to
reach our women voices further.

14.What are your biggest accomplishment which you can tell us till now ?
I am fortunate to nurture 1000 plus girls students in my twenty eight years of running “Sungabha Hostel”. Taught them best of
value of life.Taught girls students in St.Mary’s High School Pokhara for 18 years.Since last 15 years serving as Volunteers in Lions club of Pokhara Seti Gandaki,District 325 B1 Globally New Voices Semifinalist in Lions Clubs international.First Faculty
Development Institute Graduates from multiple 325 MD.

15.What you suggest to youth who wants to join in similar career as you ?
Now a days there are lots of technical improvement in every field make the best use of it in your career.maintain discipline in
everything you do you will reach your goal one after best wishes.