Professionally an Architect and passionate about environment so prefer to call herself climate action advocate. While growing up she saw the effects of civil war, political crisis, refuges crisis, corruption, racism, natural disasters and above all the discrimination for being a girl in her own society. Year 2017 she got elected as young BPW representative of International federation of business and professional women which has clubs in more then 100 countries and has consultative status with United Nations. Since her election, she has been working to inspired the BPW members around the world to work toward empowering each other to realize sustainable Development goals and take actions for its implementation. 

She believe “life is not about how much you earn or learn but how much you give and share your knowledge for Humanity.”

Certified Architect for past 10 years. Designed various architectural design
and have been involved in construction. Besides practicing architecture and
construction have participated in various social event to keep myself close to community to contribute for sustainable development by empowering womento realize United Nations sustainable development goals.