Janaki Gurung (Miss) is one of the leading young female entrepreneur of Nepal. She is the International Director of Mero Consultancy and a Regional Director of the International Youth Society. She believes in mankind and social works. She has been part of over 200 public youth programs. She is a vivid international traveler, freelance public speaker and youth motivator. She holds Bachelors Degree from International College of hospitality management, Hotel management, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. In addition to successfully managing education consultancy services in Nepal and abroad, she actively works on addressing youth’s and womens issues and solving problems both at home and abroad. She is a current youth ambassador for Peace Nepal.

What are you most passionate about professionally?personally?
Ans; Professionally I’m international director at Mero consultancy and also associated with youth based organization{IYS} asia regional director for Asia.
Personally, I consider myself to be very workaholic and prefer to outgo and forey the things related to learning and also to make others learn.

What would you do even if you did not get paid to do it ?
Ans:I have believed in voluntary works since my childwood and had been involved in a lot of them. The current scenario of Nepal has made a lot of social organizations active and I have been part of most of those charitable works.

What are you surprisingly good at?
Ans: Apart from my works credential, I consider myself to be good at adventurous works,sports and video blogging.
can you share your life remembering moments?
Ans: The huge success of the first National level inter college quiz contest was something to cheer, which paved the ways for other successful events. And aslo recent award that I received from the government of India and other countries.

How long have you been working in your field?
Ans: Socially, I have been active for more than decade and I have been part of my business from the last seven years.

How does your education connect your professionalism career?what about personal experience?
Ans: Being hotel management student, I have come across people all around the world and I have developed the value of education which I am catering through my current works.

Did you accidentally join this career or you choose from childhood?
Ans.Being a social worker was a childhoood desire. However being involved in an educational consultancy was a something more of a need and service which could help numbers of students.

What are your goal for next 10 years?
Ans. I have my offices opened in major cities of the world. I hope too expand my business to almost all the major cities .Likewise social organization that I am involved in will definitely be taken to the height of another level.

What was the biggest hurdle you faced when working for your career and how you overcome it?
Ans.For a lady to bloom is difficult in my country.I had a pressure to satisfy and content my relatives,co-worker ,all in all it was a journey of thrones which I felt was possible because of my inner believe in me myself.

Your biggest failure?
Ans. The biggest failure was the downfall of my first office I was wrecked by it. However my continue determination got my company to its level where it is today.

Whom do you give all the credits for your success?
Ans.Well the hard times of my life were fully softened by my parents I would give credit to them for my success.

What things build you? What are the qualities that all should have to be successful in their career?
Ans. Well ,I think a proper vision,solid determination and strong belief in self can pave the path for success.

What is the biggest dream you have?
Ans. Empowering the youths and the women’s of the underprivileged area of the world.

What are your biggest accomplishment which you can tell us till now?
Ans. The biggest accomplishment would be the success of my organization as well as the accomplishments that my social organization has made.

What you suggest to youth who wants to join in similar career?
Ans.A welcoming thought, having said that a proper analysis,research and observation is needed