#2 James Shrestha: James Shrestha is another young YouTuber who started with reaction videos and now has other prank videos as well as vlogs in his channel with more than 196938 subscribers.

#3 Nepali Pranksters: Nepali Pranksters is the first Nepali hardcore pranksters who started off with a YouTube channel. This channel contains amazing prank videos and now has more than 178042 subscribers.


#4 Sabin Karki – Beest: This is another YouTube channel of the outstanding dancer, Sabin Karki. This channel contains his vines and other videos excluding his dance videos. This channel has 175378 subscribers.

#5 Girish Khatiwada: The YouTube sensation, first Nepali rapper and the vlogger, Girish Khatiwada has a YouTube channel with his name that contains some music videos and his vlogs. This channel has 142280 subscribers.

#6 Pranksters Revival: The YouTube channel – Pranksters Revival is owned by Aashish Prasai. This channel is the second most growing prank channel in the country. The channel currently has 134663 subscribers.

#7 Ming Sherap: Ming Sherap is one of the youngest YouTubers in town. Just within a time period of some months, he has been able to gain 113868 subscribers. His channel contains some very entertaining funny videos.

#8 Almoda Rana Upreti: Almoda Rana Upreti is a songwriter, music composer, music arranger and a singer based in Nepal. His YouTube channel contains some melodious music. Currently, this channel has 110933 subscribers.

#9 Anand Nepal: Anand Nepal is the first video blogger in Nepal. His videos consist of slideshows which shows information on various topics. His channel has 105468 subscribers.

#10 Sisan Baniya: Sisan Baniya has gained a lot of popularity among youths with his videos having amazing content. His YouTube channel consists of short movies, advertisements, vlogs as well as vlogs series. He also runs another YouTube channel – Paradygm TV. His channel has 92253 subscribers.